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They then told me they wanted to purchase me some family heirlooms. They assured me that I would be fine. I already had WOW TBC Gold two from my friend who played the game. I was certain this was a fraud because random people do not seem charming. No, I don't know how it could have been a scam, I was convinced that it was. Yes, I was foolish. I finally gave up to their demands and let them purchase some.

The exchange was not able to be made for the gold for family heirlooms, since we were both on different servers. They made me create a char on their server. They gave me enough gold to purchase three pieces (I think). I remember sitting in ironforge and thinking about how bizarre this whole thing seemed.

We didn't get to be Bnet friends (partly due to the fact that I was not sure how to achieve that) Also, I don't recall their names, but it was among the best things I've ever had for me while learning the game. If you're around I'm still thankful to you man!

We saw each other again in vanilla. After our server broke up, and we both chose to use different servers (language preference) We kept in contact. He gave me gold in exchange for The Unstoppable Force. I was a poor person, but he understood it was my "dream".

I'll never forget one of the guys from my old guild which ended up disbanding. I was not awarded the Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare achievement to the meta one which granted me mounts. I tried for so long, several times. He came with me one day at a random moment and rewarded me with the accomplishment. I almost wept because I was over the moon! My protodrakes have always been my top model. One of my all-time favorite models to mount.

Let's look at a random mythic PUG group needed a tank so I sat down. It was something like an increase of 2. Told them I'm new to mythics in this expansion and am still learning. The other four guildies are anticipating a kick. "No Problem! We are horrible." They didn't, but they did 5 more M+ after the first one, and taught me routes as well as mechanics. They even they offered me a tank or healer slot on the raid team.

A friend I met at my first guild raid was there with me following the raid. Her boyfriend and she helped me get ready and also gave me my SL Lego. Unfortunately, the guild wasn't nice to cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold me personally, and I did not go to any of their future raids.

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