Think Animal Crossing is just a cutesy 'capitalist dystopia'? Think again from tonghuan's blog

Animal transit: The simulated paradise of New Horizons is said to have a dark capitalist weakness. However, a popular Animal Crossing Bells where players can donate items reveals the kindness and generosity of strangers.

In our current era of global capitalism, we have begun to accept that you cannot owe debt now. Imagine my surprise, then, on May 6, a stranger from Leeds handed me four solid gold nuggets. Although I tried to provide money in return, the generous 20-year-old boy refused. Within a few minutes, she disappeared.

Yes, this exchange may have been conducted in a game that simulates Animal Paradise: New Horizons, which makes sense. The game has been purchased more than 13 million times since its launch in March. In real life, this encounter will only be more spectacular, because gold is also valuable in animal crossings. It took hours to break a stone to get a lump-a stranger I knew on Facebook gave me four people for free.

Since the explosive growth of New Horizons this spring, the headlines have lamented that this is a "capitalist dystopia" with "dark" ribs, Tom Rook, the game's raccoon overlord. Nook) is nicknamed "capitalist liar". Because players must obtain loans in the game, many people have proposed innovative, developmental ways to earn in-game currency Bells. On the black market, people are selling their villagers for millions of dollars, while others are cheating their hardships, charging strange visitors for island tickets, and raising rare furniture on the fan-made website Nookazon And the price of stars fragments. , The game's unofficial answer to Amazon. However, my overall view of the game is communist.

James (James) is a 13-year-old primary school student in Worcestershire. He runs the Hadron Ranking NoFeeAC with 42,400 subscribers. He founded subreddit in April because he was tired of players charging ridiculous fees for each other. On his submarine, players gave each other furniture, watered each other, and organized Mother's Day celebrations in the game. James said: "When people charge high prices, it annoys me because my advice proves that it is not difficult to do things for free."

His mother, Suzanne, is proud of his son Buy ACNH Bells. She said: "He has been chatting with people from all over the world, which is helping him understand what the community is doing." She explained that being a scout from a young age has affected his values.

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