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Path of Exile enthusiasts are in for a treat with the upcoming Sentinel expansion. The expansion takes its name from the powerful Sentinels, ancient constructs discovered throughout the treacherous land of Wraeclast. These extraordinary beings may not directly aid players in battle, but they possess a unique ability to amplify enemy power, presenting a thrilling challenge that promises greater rewards.

In this article, we'll take a deep dive into the three types of Sentinels, their mechanics, and the exciting features that await players in this highly anticipated expansion pack. It is worth mentioning that in PoE, although POE Currency is not a common currency, it is always your economic support in the game. The need for Chaos Orbs, in particular, will increase the time you spend on Path of Exile.

Discover the Sentinels

The Sentinel expansion introduces three captivating varieties of Sentinels that players can encounter during their adventures:

Stalker Sentinel: Upon deployment, this Sentinel follows players for a limited time, bolstering any monsters within its reach, making them more formidable opponents.

Pandemonium Sentinel: This Sentinel launches a single, devastating shot that unleashes a wide area-of-effect attack, chaining across multiple enemies, wreaking havoc on the battlefield.

Apex Sentinel: The Apex Sentinel's shot specifically targets rare or unique enemies, elevating the challenge of these encounters while promising greater rewards upon victory.

Sentinel Mechanics

Each Sentinel type can be deployed only once per area, and their presence is temporary. Once a Sentinel runs out of power, players can utilize their husks to craft new Sentinels. Similar to other aspects of Path of Exile, Sentinels can be modified to suit players' preferences. Sentinel mods can alter their duration, rate of fire, and the degree to which they empower monsters. Some mods even affect the type of drops players can earn. The Sentinel Controller, a flexible mechanic resembling a circuit board, allows players to customize the Sentinel's powers and abilities by connecting specific nodes with filaments. Players can freely adjust their layout using the Sentinel Controller, enabling experimentation and adaptability.

Crafting and Power Cores

As players progress through the expansion, they will become more adept at utilizing Sentinels through the innovative crafting mechanic. Power Cores, valuable items found during gameplay, can be used to revitalize depleted Sentinels and create stronger, enhanced versions with unique properties. By right-clicking a Power Core, players can access the assembly screen, where they can combine two Sentinels to create a fully charged, upgraded Sentinel. The assembly process is intricate and unpredictable, resulting in Sentinels that inherit properties from the input Sentinels or even possess entirely new ones. Players can obtain powerful, one-of-a-kind Sentinels through lucky combinations and discover a new realm of possibilities.

Exciting Features and Changes

Beyond the introduction of Sentinels, the expansion offers a wealth of additional content and improvements. Players can expect changes to the endgame, including 20 new keystone passives and new passive clusters on the Atlas tree, allowing for a more tailored endgame experience. Furthermore, seven pinnacle boss fights receive new "Uber" versions, presenting even greater challenges for seasoned adventurers. The expansion also brings new endgame unique items, revamped monster modifiers, enhancements to the challenge system, and the official launch of controller support for the PC version. These updates, along with various quality of life improvements, ensure an immersive and thrilling gameplay experience.


Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey with the Path of Exile: Sentinel expansion. Uncover the ancient Sentinels, harness their power, and face the amplified challenges that await. Customize and modify the Sentinels using the unique Sentinel Controller, and explore the exciting crafting mechanics with Power Cores. Smart players can also Buy Divine Orbs online to quickly equip themselves to meet the challenge.

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