Diablo 2 Pit Farming Build Recommendations from crystalsnow's blog

As alluded to earlier, the Pit is a straightforward area to farm due to the low Life monsters that spawn here. High mobility is essential to make this farming area as efficient as possible.

Amazon - Lightning Fury

The Javazon may be the pinnacle of harm on the Amazon. To kill every Elite Group she uses Mercenary with Infinity as Dark Archers are Immune to Lightning. Any other monster is simply pickings on her, even without them.

Without Enigma, she faces some mobility problems.

Assassin - Lightning Sentry

The Trapsin can kill my way through the Pit, even without Infinity. Utilize Fire Blast against Dark Archers (Immune to Lightning) and Lightning Sentry + Death Sentry through the area.

Burst of Speed grants great mobility all the time, making Enigma less important.

Barbarian - Berserk

When you are looking at Elite hunting, no build around the Barbarian is as efficient because of the Zerker. When properly equipped, this person just jumps onto a boss, uses Howl, and one-shots the boss.

D2R Ladder Items

Find Item adds an opportunity for additional drops in the boss. This increases farming efficiency associated with a Barbarian build by around 30%.

This build is often called the "Pit-Zerker" because it may be the best build to farm here.

Druid - Hurricane Tornado

This Druid is perfect for farming the Pit by absorbing a lot of harm with Cyclone Armor. He has little to fear with a high Life pool through Oak Sage and summons to tank melee attack damage.

With Physical and Cold Damage, this build is capable of killing every monster in the region. A lot of the low Life monsters explode from a couple of ticks from Hurricane.

Necromancer - Poison Nova

Corpse Explosion is an extremely powerful capability to clear out density quickly. As it is a native Skill from the Necromancer, almost all their builds are powerful within the Pit.

Due to the low Life of monsters, Poison Nova is particularly powerful to produce the first corpses for the chain reaction with Corpse Explosion.

Bone Armor enables you to be virtually immortal since many damages in here's Physical.

Paladin - Blessed Hammer

The Hammerdin may be the best build for farming the Pit like a Paladin. Even before Enigma this character can shred el born area. His high mobility from Charge, Vigor, and Staff of Teleportation

There aren't any monsters that may be Immune to Magic, that allows the Hammerdin to kill everything.

Sorceress - Fire Ball Nova

This hybrid build is made to destroy the Pit in solo gameplay. With both Fire and Lightning Damage, you can kill every monster inside.

Infinity can improve your kill speed significantly but is not required whatsoever!

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