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The Frenzy Berserker Barbarian build uses Frenzy and Upheaval as its main attacks, with two Shouts to enhance damage and defense. By investing in some key enhancements, the Frenzy Berserker Barb gets important damage mitigation and Fortify, a damage soak mechanic where your character takes 30% decreased damage until all Fortified everyday life is removed. It also helps augment the Fury generation. Later, you will want to pick up and increase some important passives, however, these skills and augments are going to be enough to provide you with a good balance between frenzied damage output and survivability without running out of gas. Furious Hammer from the Ancient may also be played with this build for additional Single Target.

Later down the road, you could attempt and have fun with Kick + Power Kick rather than Upheaval. Kick is probably not the strongest skill, but it is a very fun one and Beta is built to have fun!

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Basic Skill - Frenzy: Unleash an immediate flurry of blows, dealing damage with each set of hits. If Frenzy hits an enemy, Attack Speed is increased for 3 seconds. This is further augmented with Enhanced Frenzy, which generates additional Fury whenever it hits bonus Attack Speed, and Combat Frenzy, which provides you Damage Reduction for every stack of Frenzy you have now.

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Core Skill - Upheaval: Tear into the ground together with your weapon and fling debris forward, dealing extra damage. Adding Enhanced Upheaval adds an opportunity to Stun all enemies it damages. Furious Upheaval creates great synergy with Frenzy, as dealing direct harm to an enemy having a Skill that isn't Upheaval causes the next cast of Upheaval to manage 8 times increased damage, stacking as much as 8 times.

Defensive Skill - Rallying Cry: This Shout increases your Movement Speed and Resource Generation for any short time for both you and your allies. Enhanced Rallying Cry grants Unstoppable while active, and Strategic Rallying Cry grants Base Life as Fortify. While Rallying Cry is active, additionally you gain more base life as Fortify any time you take or deal direct damage.

Brawling Skill - War Cry: War Cry increases damage accomplished for both you and your allies, but that is not in which the real magic happens for that Frenzy Barb. Enhanced War Cry grants Berserking for 3 seconds, which you'll want to get more use from using the two passives you'll consume this tree. Power War Cry increases your damage bonus if you will find 4 or even more enemies nearby. If you're experiencing survivability or playing a support role, you can substitute Mighty War Cry instead, which grants 28% of the Base Life as Fortify.

Brawling Skill - Leap: Leap is an incredibly important movement skill, allowing both horizontal and vertical changes. Leap forward and slam down, dealing damage and knocking back surrounding enemies on impact. Enhanced Leap cuts down on the cooldown by 4 seconds if you do not damage any enemies (ideal for general movement purposes), with Power Leap, should you damage a minimum of one enemy, you'll gain 40 Fury, that is exactly how much Fury you will need to cast one Upheaval.

Ultimate Skill - Wrath from the Berserker: What else with this build? This gives you Berserking and Unstoppable for 5 seconds. For the next ten seconds, dealing direct damage with Basic Skills (Frenzy, in this instance) will grant Berserking 5 seconds.

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