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The journey from 1 to 80 takes typically 150–200 hours to accomplish, using the primary challenge being 70-80 taking between 20 to 40 hours. We can frequently get sidetracked exploring all of the new zones Northrend provides and get stuck in seemingly inescapable death cycles. But have no fear! Some of us who’ve embarked on this journey before have gathered a few tricks and tips to get this much more enjoyable for you personally. Buying WOTLK Classic Gold and buying wotlk classic boosting can help boost your gear in WotLK, which benefits physical damage dealers and specs that benefit from scaling.

What Consumables To Use

WOTLK Classic Gold

One of the most popular time killers we’ll find throughout the leveling journey is dying. For the warriors available, yes we're talking straight to you, though every class can usually benefit from this. WOTLK Classic still provides the sudden threat of death, regardless of your level. Maybe you accidentally pull one a lot of enemies, or you’re attempting to defeat an especially challenging foe for any quest. In this instance, several consumable items will go a long way. Health potions for that classes that can’t self-heal are particularly significant in these encounters.

Likewise, for classes recognized to burn through mana for example mages, and warlocks, plus some healer specs, a mana potion in a critical moment could just provide you with the little bit of damage boost you need to save yourself from death. Immediately following these tough fights, drink, and food help to recover a little faster to obtain back into the fray. Likewise, don’t disregard the importance of getting your First Aid swept up to your level. You’ll likely loot cloth aplenty, which you'll auction for any little extra gold, or become bandages to assist get you during the fight.

Recommended Professions

One greatly overlooked tool to assist min/max your time and effort in the game originates from having relevant professions. Gold is definitely useful with regards to buying gear, so pairing gathering professions for example mining and skinning or herbalism will make sure that you can afford to replace that worn-out helm from 15 levels ago.