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World of Warcraft (WoW) players have long been accustomed to spending hefty amounts of gold on riding training. However, with the upcoming Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5, players can bid farewell to the exorbitant costs associated with learning to fly. In this patch, Blizzard Entertainment introduces a groundbreaking change that automatically grants players the next flying level when they reach the appropriate character level, eliminating the need to pay thousands of WOW Classic WotLK Gold to riding trainers. This significant alteration not only saves players substantial amounts of World of Warcraft Gold but also enhances the leveling experience for alts and streamlines their questing routes.

The New Riding Learning Curve

Starting from Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5, WoW players will experience a revamped riding learning curve that eliminates the need for costly training sessions. The new system simplifies the process by automatically granting the appropriate riding level as players reach specific character levels. The revised riding learning curve is as follows:

Level 10 – Apprentice Riding

Level 20 – Journeyman Riding

Level 30 – Expert Riding

Level 40 – Master Riding

Savings in WoW Gold

At first glance, the changes to the riding learning curve may seem inconsequential, but they bring substantial savings in WoW Gold. Players who have been playing WoW for years and have leveled multiple characters can attest to the staggering costs associated with flying training. By removing the need to pay thousands of gold for riding training, Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5 provides significant relief to players' virtual wallets. The cumulative savings from these training expenses can now be redirected towards other in-game pursuits, such as acquiring rare mounts or enhancing gear.

Enhanced Leveling Experience

The introduction of the new riding system not only benefits veteran players but also greatly improves the leveling experience for alts. Previously, players had to interrupt their questing and travel back to major cities like Orgrimmar or Stormwind to learn higher riding levels. This process disrupted the flow of gameplay and often resulted in suboptimal leveling routes. However, with the automatic learning of flying levels, players can now seamlessly progress through the game without the need for detours. This streamlines the leveling process and allows players to optimize their questing routes, ultimately saving time and enhancing the overall experience.

Special Rewards and Quests

To commemorate the introduction of the new riding system, Blizzard Entertainment has included special rewards and quests for players who reach level 30. Upon reaching this milestone, players will embark on the "Time to Fly" quest, which leads to the acquisition of a unique flying mount. Horde characters will receive the Scarlet Pterrordax mount, while Alliance members will be rewarded with the Harbor Gryphon. These exclusive flying mounts serve as a token of accomplishment and provide an extra incentive for players to progress in the game.

Why many players choose to buy Wow Gold on RPGStash

Time-Saving: Acquiring gold in World of Warcraft can be a time-consuming process, especially for players who have limited playtime or want to progress quickly. Purchasing gold allows them to bypass the grind and acquire the in-game currency instantly, enabling them to purchase desired items or gear without investing excessive time.


Buying gold offers a convenient solution for players who prefer to skip the effort required to accumulate gold through legitimate means. By making a quick purchase from a third-party website, they can obtain the desired amount of gold without engaging in in-game activities.

In-Game Advantages

Gold can provide advantages within the game, such as purchasing rare mounts, powerful gear, or other valuable items. Some players may opt to Buy WOW Gold to gain a competitive edge, particularly in PvP encounters or high-end raiding, where well-equipped characters have an advantage.

Status and Prestige

WoW is a social game, and acquiring wealth can contribute to a player's status and prestige within the community. Having a substantial amount of gold can be seen as a symbol of success and achievement, attracting attention and admiration from other players.

Personal Preferences

Some players may simply enjoy the convenience and flexibility that buying gold offers, as it allows them to pursue their preferred playstyle or goals in the game. They may prioritize certain aspects of gameplay over the ethical concerns associated with gold buying.

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