P2Pah WOTLK Classic:To me we're making Heartstone 11 right now from DonnaStella's blog

"So there's not really a time when we say "Let's WOW WOTLK Classic Gold take a completely different direction, it needs to be different.' Heroes 2.0 is actually concerned with going through our progression and rewards, while opening up all of the game's content. It allows players to earn it by just playing the game, by leveling up all their heroes.

"Before, there was an obstacle. It would be 40 levels and that was it. It was over. Everyone who played when they hit 40 would say, 'Okay, now what do I do What am I doing?' We wanted to break this, and let players keep playing. Whatever you do regardless of what kind of mode you're in there's always something to learn and, in turn, you're getting fantastic rewards. We're branding it Heroes 2.0 because that was an extremely dramatic shift, but the main game was still Heroes of the Storm. This is the game we're continually building on, and always making it better.

"I believe that it's a totally different world to live in. The games I'm familiar with, Starcraft as well as World of Warcraft, those were box games. You do the box game Then a couple years later, you've an expansion. At some point you're thinking, 'Okay and let's go on.' Heroes of the Storm keeps alive and expanding and it's really enjoyable to create something like that."

Max Ma (lead UI designer): "To me we're making Heartstone 11 right now. I remember I joined the team when we were just about to start working on World of Warcraft for mobile. For me, that's a brand new game by itself. As the user interface designer on the team, each screen is new and we created it from the ground up. Like the improvement of the user experience, there are some issues that we'd like to work on in the coming years. I feel like there's so many challenges to overcome and so many options we could take to make the game better."

Dave Kosak (lead mission designer): "It's about, 'How do you give an experience to a player who's interested in the game?' With World of Warcraft , there's lots to do with it. There's plenty more we'd like to accomplish with this game. It's not any value to immediately switch to World of Warcraft 2. Their entire collection is included in World of Warcraft . We're able to continue to create one million things new with World of Warcraft --this new single-player experience in World of Warcraft , Dungeon Run is amazing. Therefore, we will continue offering players something worth their time.

"It's very similar to World of Warcraft . You've seen what they were in the announcements here at the show. It's amazing. World of Warcraft is still running strong due to the fact that there are so many ways to give players something to enjoy in the game world they've invested in for over 10 years. I think World of Warcraft has a lengthy, long, and a long future in front of  cheap WOTLK Gold  it that will allow us to continue to give people value."

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