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Thinking about jumping into World of Warcraft  WOTLK Gold now, in a lot of ways it's the longest-running TV show. Much like Doctor Who, you have players who really love it, and have been following it since the very beginning. But it can be daunting when someone is attempting to enter the scene at the very beginning. It is especially so as you are adding to your site with more content, that increases that barrier to admission. What's the best way to address those who would love this kind of experience, but feel that there's just too much to go through?

The expectation we have isn't that everyone who is entering the game for the first time will like to start at the beginning. This is the reason we introduced the boost back in The Warlord of Draenor. It's a means for players who are brand new to the game but you're looking to play with your friend but they're already at maximum level, to boost immediately and increase the level of your friends. If that's what you're after then that's great.

We've actually got a new boost experience. It was a preview of it in Legion as well, and we'll revamp it for Battle for Azeroth. The way it works is, if you decide to increase your level, we're going to run you through a game that will guide you through your class. We'll also be preparing the students so that they aren't uninformed about the steps to take.

I'd sat down for a while before Legion. But while that tutorial helped, I still felt that I had to search the internet to read the best rotations, that I needed assistance from an outside source in order to gain a real feel for the most effective build I could use for my course. Is there a chance to get more of that type of instruction available in-game?

Well, there are people who are looking to achieve their goals and are looking for "I must make sure that I'm getting the most DPS!" It's my belief that there's always going to be an enormous number of our fanbase that are doing examination and trying out to see how achieve the most value from their game. But I don't think any player should feel they're required to do this. You can have a great time at our dungeons, and in our raids, without having to be able to collect the last drop of top-of-the-line gear.

When it comes to the way we design the game we're always cognoscent of new players that are coming in. We still have a substantial number of new players every time we release an expansion this is hard to believe. There are people who don't have played World of Warcraft ! Therefore, every  cheap WOTLK Gold whenever we release an expansion, each time we release a patch, we attempt to tweak it to make it a bit easier for new folks who are joining us.

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By DonnaStella
Added Feb 10 '23



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