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Diablo was designed to D2R Items run on PC when it released back in 2000. But since the release of Diablo: Resurrected, the action-RPG iconic game will be making its way to consoles in the beginning. In the end, Blizzard needed to put considerable effort into the game to ensure the experience on consoles lived up to its legendary status, but without changing the basic structure of the game.

In a brand new blog post detailing how Diablo: Resurrected team looked at how to adapt the game for consoles, design director Robert Gallerani explained how decisions taken regarding the game's playability on consoles was a deliberate effort to concentrate "on a very different player than the PC players." Because console players have more experience playing this console edition of Diablo, Blizzard needed to make Diablo equally accessible.

One of the ways Diablo: Resurrected on consoles accomplishes this is by taking a page from Diablo's playbook in terms of how it handles displaying and mapping abilities.

"In the initial Diablo game, the player had two buttons: right and left mouse clicks" Gallerini writes. "To access a myriad of different abilities, players use hotkeys to quickly remap the two mouse buttons. With the help of a controller this was modified to not remap but to have buttons straightforwardly trigger the abilities. Then, we show these abilities similarly to Diablo as an area on the lower portion inside the HUD."

When it comes to moving, Diablo on consoles controls quite differently than its PC counterpart. On PC players simply click an option and the game directs the player's character to the desired location. On consoles, Blizzard wanted the play to be able to D2R Ladder Items Buy direct their character's movement with the thumbstick.

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