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The story isn't D2R Items linear so you can choose how to tell the story. You're part of a shared world. You are free to explore the world instead of playing the story, if you prefer to. You're free to roam wherever you'd like within Sanctuary and play things like dungeons. You can also do other things and take on an international boss or to local events, so you're on your own.

There is also PvE versus PvP. Are you looking to engage in the story-driven content in the campaign or do you prefer to take on other players? It's in one of our PvP areas. And then who do you wish to play with is your choice, right? You are able to play on your own.

It's a fantastic game to play solo and you can also party up. You could be part of a clan. Thus, everything is based on what you decide you want to do. This is why we talk about D4 being about choice because at each phase of the process involves certain aspects that you have control over and can choose how you would like to play the game.

Can you give us a brief explanation about the construction and design of the dungeons, because there are more than a hundred therefore the obvious question is whether it's over a hundred of the same dungeons redesigned, or are there over a hundred hand-crafted dungeons, each with its own unique motives for being there?

Shely says: One of the things that's amazing regarding Diablo 4 is that, because we've got this shared open world, which serves as a template, the Dungeons are actually located within the world you'll be exploring, and [that gives] the dungeons a sense of buy diablo II resurrected items belonging.

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