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Are you able to D2R Items say that Blizzard independent enough to say"We don't believe this is a good idea, so we're going to kill itand have to go back to our scratchboard ... You might not see another game from us in the next five, 10 years or whatever the case may be?' If so, are you currently in a position where you can do that?

There were a couple of concerns I had after Mike was saying, "Hey, you should consider taking on this job." There were a few questions I asked Mike and a few questions I asked Bobby [Kotick, CEO of Activision], and the rest of the folks in Activision Blizzard. What you're discussing is something that it's really important to know about what it takes to be Blizzard, both from an entrepreneur's perspective and, more importantly an individual and a fan perspective.

Here's what I'm about to say. We're sitting here and we are about to have our Diablo League Finals, which was really created with the help of the people at Activision Blizzard, and the goal they have for it is the same desire that we have that is to see our games be played, seen, and being played by millions of gamers all over the world.

I believe that we have various ways of thinking about how we achieve the same goal, however, our goals are very like and closely aligned with them.The issue from a fans perspective is if there's ever a point where it seems like Diablo League will not be able to sustain the level of excitement it needs will Activision suddenly change its mind to "Well we're going to do another thing to do,"

And that's where conflict of ideologies might occur, where it's like,"Well we operate in a way that you might not get another Diablo for another 10 years." Are you in a position to call the shots on your games, and you won't be given instructions on how to make your games or forced to produce them in a different way in order to buy diablo II resurrected items meet customer demands.

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