A guide to the 2022 Birthday event within Old School Runescape from sage's blog

The first option lets RuneScape gold you select which group you want to teleport to, and the second will take you to the last house you visited. There are some requirements for it to work. These include that the owner is on the same world with you and that they are not in build mode. Players are able to enter owned homes that aren't locked and do not have private setting turned on. This is only applicable in the case that you are friends with the owner.

Group Ironman also gets a storage expansion option accessible after completing certain tasks. The group storage interface is now available. the latest update, which includes a button that lets you hit the button to show a list of tasks you can complete that will allow you to expand the size of your storage group. These will be group-wide so they will track. A few of the examples were to equip the Rune Platebody or achieve different amounts of point goals.

Death piles' changes in Ultimate Ironman were proposed back in December. Now the community has spoken. Reactions to the proposed changes were generally positive however, there were some concerns about memory space since when there are too many items showing on the same tile the world will delete them to preserve the stability. The team confirms the update the Items will remain to their own database whenever death occurs because deaths will be recorded on the save for the player and not on the world save.

Another feature you'll notice is a straight link for RuneLite on the home page. This is a result of the partnership Jagex was able to sign to with the RuneLite development team a few months back, and also is an attempt to keep access secured so that you can be sure you're visiting the official mod site.

A guide to the 2022 Birthday event within Old School Runescape

The 9th anniversary of OSRS set for February 22nd The developer Jagex has put together an event in celebration of the longevity of OSRS. In particular, Jagex has centered the event in the city of desert Al-Kharid which is the entry point to the more arid Kharidian desert.

As a huge cheap RuneScape gold desert expansion is due on the horizon in early 2022, and includes the fabled Raids 3 -- Tombs of Amascut -the Tombs of Amascut Jagex seems to be viewing this event as a slight teaser for what's to come for the brand new MMO.

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