It's true that I'm still missing a bit of the constant grind from sage's blog

RuneScape's biggest flaw RuneScape gold, which might also be its biggest positive, is a flaw similar to the majority of MMO: its long-lasting nature. In between all the exciting quests and high-octane PvP battles is the endless grinding out of daily chores like fishing, mining , or cooking in order to level up or gain credits to buy that new helmet or piece of armor. Gotta make money somehow, right?

While such activities are somewhat relaxing, it's a lot of time being bored doing the same activity every day - time that might or may have been better used through a couple of shorter but no less traditional video games.

Instead of being a one-way battle, RuneScape is a painstaking combat that's very long and tiring, and never ends. However, it can be extremely rewarding if you're willing to commit the effort to it, which I was. I think for the first period of about a year.

I've never played any MMORPGs since, to my everlasting sadness and regret. There are so many real-life concerns and I just do not have time to let them suck me in. In all the games I've played it is the most demanding, with many levels to be completed and items to gather. Heck, people have died at the end or after of long sessions of RuneScape's older but more famous sibling World of Warcraft, which is what makes it a horror game.

These days, you can most of the time, I'm playing Quake and Half-Life or hanging out on Team Fortress 2 - games that have a huge impact make a mark on me and fade quickly. It's fun to play something you enjoy, and then let go of fairly quickly, without worrying about how many pieces of wood are in my inventory or the location I'll be fishing for tomorrow's session.

It's true that I'm still missing a bit of the constant grind and long-term involvement (and discomfort) that comes with RuneScape. It's now in its third version with Buy OSRS gold the name 'RuneScape 3' (from 2013) with additional content and a visual overhaul, there's a glimmer of hope I may revisit it just to see how it's getting on, the same way I would an old friend.

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