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Instead colored, recolored World of wow tbc classic gold Warcraft: Legion expansion armor sets will be given out as well as druids given a new shapeshifting form. All participants who finish every challenge will be awarded by flying mounts, such as The Soaring Spelltome. When the event goes live and begins, it will last for 2 weeks before being put back into the regular rotation Blizzard utilizes to expand its game for timewalking. Six expansions are currently part of the rotation of timewalking, meaning that players be able to try their hand at the Mage Tower's gauntlet of challenges.

If The Mage Tower was shut down in Battle For Alleroth's pre-patch, a lot of players were upset over Blizzard's choice. In addition to providing some decent challenges for players however, it was also among the few solo content the game had to offer. It's not the first time Blizzard has removed content altogether, either. Many of the most popular questlines, like the famous Angrathar the Wrathgate questline, were also taken off the map over time.

While it's a bit disappointing that the cosmetic skins for weapon won't be back, Blizzard appears to be making a conscious effort to win back player trust by using timewalking as a way to preserve information that's no longer available. Additionally various requests by players have been added to WoW: Burning Crusade Classic updates. Hopefully this marks just the start of Blizzard taking feedback from players more frequently than previously.

Once again, however, a greater enemy lurked in the shadows and the Horde and Alliance rivalry almost went away entirely. In the last act in BfA, Sylvanas abandons the Horde and reveals that she was using the conflict to distract as the god of elder N'Zoth is preparing to take over Azeroth. Both factions join forces to defeat N'Zoth. The rivalry between them is lost to history.

Before it gets going again, the two factions have to plan ahead for World of Warcraft's World of Warcraft Classic following Sylvanas is using her new abilities to Buy wow tbc classic gold open the gateway between the world of the living and the dead. After playing upon that Horde as well as Alliance rivalry, WoW discards it just in time and keeps in the main story the two factions working in tandem.

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