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Path of Exile 2 was announced way back when in 2019, and the game has been in active development for quite a while, but we haven't heard a lot about the project recently. Luckily, there's no worry about the game being canceled, and we're here to explain everything you need to know about Path of Exile 2, including whether it's a sequel or expansion, its release date, the new gem system, platforms, and more.

Why call it Path of Exile 2?

Path of Exile 2 is a sequel from both a narrative and technological perspective. On one hand, you have a Godless world created by the old exiles, inhabited by a new generation of exiles and corrupted individuals. And on the other hand you have a fresh coat of paint that looks simply stunning. For once, Path of Exile won’t feel like it’s three generations behind in graphical performance.

Path of Exile 2 release date

All signs point to the Path of Exile 2 release date happening in 2021. We know that Grinding Gear Games hoped to have the game’s beta out before the end of 2020, but due to the pandemic the scheduling has been delayed and Path of Exile 2 won’t be playable this year. However, the good news is that both quarterly expansions this year are on track for September and December.

Path of Exile 2 for PlayStation

Grinding Gear Games has officially announced that Path of Exile 2 is going to launch on platforms such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. Path of Exile has proved to be one of the best free-to-play game on PlayStation 4. Now, it seems like its sequel could be a lead title on PlayStation 5.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s next Xbox, currently codenamed Project Scarlett, both have a release window sometime during Holiday 2020. Path of Exile 2 is among the few titles we guess might be released on the new generation of consoles.


Something many players have asked before was the introduction of shapeshifters, from the glorious days of Diablo II druid builds, and for the first time, it’s happening in PoE!

Three forms have been confirmed and shown some gameplay already, the Werewolf, which is focused mostly on attack damage, from a direct skill gem. The bear shape, also from a skill gem, which is a tanky shape, and finally the Werecat, an ascendancy exclusive Shape, from the Beast Master, one of the 3 new Ranger ascendancies.

Everything seems to work seamlessly, and the shifters will deal damage based off gem level, instead of weapon damage, being then easier to scale and stay relevant even if you’re a spell caster.

There’s also this ascendancy node that has been shown from The Beast Master that grants 100% increased effect of shape forms, and also makes you retain the last buff you had on, so you could essentially have 2 shifter buffs simultaneously, like the Wolf and Cat buffs!

Path of Exile 2 Beta Test

Like the first entry in the series, Path of Exile 2 will have a beta test prior to launch, letting players try out its improvements and provide feedback. Initially, Grinding Gear Games was hoping for a late 2020 start, however, that is no longer the case.

Shortly after the release of PoE's Harvest League, the developer revealed that, due to the ongoing pandemic, the Path of Exile 2 beta test was no longer happening in 2020.

Path of Exile 2 Story

Path of Exile 2 takes place 20 years after the events of the main game. With Kitava and his godly peers long dead, society has started rebuilding, however, not without unsavory characters making their way to the top and corrupting Wraeclast yet again.

That being said, Path of Exile 2 will move away from the massive events of its predecessor, bringing a more focused, smaller-scale story to the table.

Path of Exile 2 will see players encountering new characters and tackling a new period of Wraeclast's lore. While details on the overall story remain scarce at the moment, the character selection screen is quite striking.

In it, all playable classes are lined up and ready to be hanged, the player-selected exile being the only one lucky enough to escape.

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