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New World is the upcoming MMORPG from publisher Amazon Game Studios, though according to the original plan, it was supposed to be out by now. The game was scheduled to be released last August, but was delayed in the interest of refining the experience. The revised release window was spring 2021, but today the publisher announced that launch is being pushed again.Here's everything we know about New World:

What's the story of New World?You wash up on Aeternum, an island of legend which contains veins of a magical mineral which both empowers and corrupts. So, it's an island full of magic and monsters.

There are ancient ruins left behind by an ancient civilization (and guarded by their skeletons), natural creatures enhanced by the magic, corrupted settlers, and other baddies to fight. There's more to the story than just the setting, but so far we just have the basic setup and a glimpse at the villain in this trailer.

New World Release Date

New World‘s official launch has been delayed from August 25, 2020, to spring 2021.

According to the New World team, this delay is largely the result of their desire to ensure they get the game right. Specifically, they want more time to address some concerns early players have regarding the game’s PvE and endgame content.

New World alpha players, those who were scheduled to be accepted into the beta, and anyone who pre-ordered New World will be able to try out the game in its current state starting on August 25, but the game’s final beta test will not arrive until spring of next year.

Beta Version

Players will also be able to get entry to part of the game a bit earlier as a beta version is coming out. The Beta Version release date of this game is on Tuesday, 20th July 2021.

Map of New World

The map of the New World game is known to be enormous, but the actual size of the map is still revealed it yet. There are several points of interest, villages, stores, forests, and animals to discover in the game.


The first release date of the game was already gone but the trailer of it is already available and the fans can watch it. The trailer nearly 2 minutes long and gives the admirers a glimpse of what they will get in this game.

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In New World, players will be able to explore an uncharted fictional island called Aeternum and it is home to savage wildlife, mythical creatures, and fellow settlers. Although the gaming world is dominated by huge franchises like Call of Duty, or battle royale games like Fortnite, role-playing games are still thoroughly enjoyed by many, and New World has a big chance to become one of the most popular games around.

Will there be a New World beta?

Yes and no. New World's official beta has been pushed back to 2021 along with the full game. Those who preordered got to play the full version of New World (as it currently stood) for a limited time window in the summer of 2020.

How do you join the New World Closed Beta?

Perhaps in an effort to soften the blow of a second delay, Amazon Games revealed plans for a "New World" Closed Beta alongside the new August release date. The Closed Beta begins on July 20, 2021 and will run until August 2. Whether you've already contributed to the title as part of the Alpha phase or are simply itching to get a taste of the pre-release gameplay, you might wonder if and how you can get involved and what exactly the Closed Beta entails.

All interested parties can sign up for the "New World" Closed Beta on the official website; however, this does not mean you'll get a spot. When July 20 rolls around, Amazon plans to randomly pull from its list of prospective testers and shoot off invitations throughout the Closed Beta period. If you'd prefer not to gamble, you can pre-order "New World" for guaranteed access to the Closed Beta.

Before you rush to buy or sign up, there are few caveats to keep in mind. Amazon has not clarified whether Alpha players will automatically have the opportunity to join the Closed Beta, instead promising to share more information at a later date. Even if you make the transition from Alpha to Closed Beta, your progression will not carry over. Similarly, Closed Beta players cannot transfer their progress to the full game, meaning all of your hard work will be wiped out on August 31, forcing you to start from scratch.

GameplayThere’s a PvP territory control element to New World, but it isn’t a totally player-driven sandbox. If you want, you can spend all of your time-fighting monsters, leveling up, and finding or crafting new gear. You can group up with other players to take on world events or attempt a boss fight.

If you want to fight other players in the open world, you can turn on your PvP flag once you join one of the world’s three factions.

Amazon says that we’ll share the world with “over 1,000” players at a time.

New World is available for pre-order on Amazon, and it’s also listed directly on Steam. With no official release date announced yet, we can only speculate that we will be able to battle for Aeternum sometime soon this year.

What can we expect from New World?

New World was originally set to be a semi-historical MMO, set in a lightly fictionalised of America in the 1600s as it was first colonised by Europeans.

Since then the game has pivoted away from that potentially controversial setting, and the game is now based in a more traditional fantasy setting: Aeternum, also known as the Eternal Isle.

You'll someone summoned to the Isle, and will have to fight against the legions of the Corrupted as you work with - or against - other players to establish territory and fight back.

New World involves players both teaming up and competing against one another, While you may be working together to scavenge resources and build a settlement. These other players will now be considered your friends, and you will work together to defend the settlement from rival online players. There's also a clear emphasis on attacking other settlements, killing players to take their resources too.

Solo gameplay can also be hugely challenging, as you battle a host of monsters and other players out to kill you. However, it remains to be seen how well this game will perform with dozens of players occupying the same map, with a number of promising titles in the past being exposed for their patchy online gameplay.

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