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In NBA 2K22, VC and NBA 2K22 MT is the essential currency everyone wants to get their hands on. In this guide, we will tell you about some of the easiest and fastest ways of farming and earning VC in NBA 2K22, so that you can collect a whole bunch of it quickly. Let's go over some quick tips.

My Career

My Career is the main attraction for many NBA 2K Players. It allows you to create a player and play a variety of different game modes. From street ball to a full-fledged NBA Career and storyline that takes you from college to the pros, My Career is a slow grind in which VC is the main thing that blocks your progress. This virtual currency can be purchased to give you shortcuts to a better player, but for those that don’t want to pay extra they’ve got to play by the rules. Those rules can be a bit demanding at different spots in the My Career mode. We’re going to break down some of the spots that you absolutely need to hit if you want to get VC fast. It’s not all playing hoops either, there are some activities that will give you easy VC if you just pay attention and complete them regularly. The following list of activities will all net you the most VC in NBA 2k22 My Career Mode.

Collect Your Daily Spins

Ohh… The good old spins. Yes, these daily spins are free and you can get a lot of VC. Apart from VC, you can also get several items in the game from the daily spins. Make sure to claim your free spin before doing anything else. Spins will reset every 24 hours.

2KTV Rewards

Virtual Currencies are being thrown away in 2KTV. Simply watch NBA 2KTV and answer the trivia and polls that are appearing during the show. These shows usually appeared during the loading of every match or game. We will be making another guide for the correct NBA 2KTV answers to help you out. Stay tuned for that!

The Neighbourhood

The funnest mode in all of 2K22 is the Neighborhood, bringing hoops culture to life. You can play 2v2 or 3v3 streetball, as well as 5v5 ProAm games, but it’s the other places in the Neighbourhood which will earn you quick VC.

Ante Up

You can find the specialized courts in the Neighbourhood where you can wager the outcome of your own games with VC. It’s the highest risk mode with the highest rewards, wagers ranging from 250 VC to 2500 VC.

Avoid Upgrading Early

Playing well will earn you VC quickly but a lazy way to earn VC fast is to avoid making upgrades to your MyPLAYER’s attributes and keeping your player at the lowest player rating possible. You can then repeatedly foul to stay off the court and just pick up your game day salary.

The game not only allows the purchase of VC, but also NBA 2K22 MT , but it can be quite heavy on the wallet. However, there’s an alternate way you can obtain NBA 2K MT at significantly cheaper prices, and it is RSVSR.

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