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Given how important Lost Ark Gold is for upgrading gear in the end game, we imagine you’ll want to know how to get it. The simplest way is to use real money to purchase crystals and exchange them for gold, but assuming you want to avoid that, there are few other things you can try:

Improve relationship with NPCs

What’s the point? In Lost Ark, you can befriend over 70 different NPCs and work to deepen and improve your relationship with them. If you reach a certain level of trust, the generous NPCs will give you things.

Some of them even have gold for you and in extraordinarily generous amounts. While this method makes less sense in the endgame, since you can only bag the NPC rewards uniquely, you make a lot of gold with it, especially in the beginning.

How does this work? There are several ways to improve your relationship with NPCs. The characters all have different preferences and then either want you to complete tasks for them, play songs or show your emotions in front of them.

However, what always helps is gifting the various characters from Arkesia. For this, you use gifts of different degrees. But beware: Here, too, the various NPCs have different preferences.

All gifts will get you further with each NPC, but some of the personalities are particularly happy about very specific gifts. If you then bring them to them, your relationship with them will improve significantly more.

Which characters are worth starting out with? Not all different characters reward you with gold for your efforts. Therefore you should, especially at the beginning, stick to the following NPCs:

Thirain, the King of Luterra, found in Luterra Castle. If the good gentleman is friendly to you, he will give you a whopping 500 gold.

Neria, the innkeeper in East Luterra’s Wave Beach Harbor, will even give you 600 gold if she trusts you.

Neria in Arthetine, who is waiting for you in Stern’s Origin, will also give you 600 gold if she trusts you.

Sasha, who can also be found in Stern’s Origin, even gives you a total of 3,500 gold if she trusts you at level 5.

Mercenary Zeira is also in Stern’s origin. She also gives you 200 gold as soon as she trusts you.

You can meet Ealyn in Vern Castle. If she’s interested in you at level 5, she’ll give you a total of 1,000 gold.

In Vern Castle you will also meet Avele, who will give you a total of 1,400 gold if she trusts you.

There are other NPCs that will give you up to 2,700 gold, but you won’t find them until later in the game. For starters and up to level 50, these are the only characters you can persuade to give you gold.

Complete Abyss Dungeons

Abyss Dungeons is the co-op PvE matches you can grind to acquire gold in Lost Ark.

You can invite up to three of your friends.

You can grind on Abyss Dungeons three times a week.

As you reach level 50, you can choose the difficulty level to grind on the Abyss Dungeons.

While you get 2400 gold for completing it in normal difficulty mode, you get 7000 gold for completing it in the hardest difficulty mode.

Una’s Tasks

Completing Una’s Tasks every day is the second-best way to earn more gold in Lost Ark. You earn Una’s Tokens in exchange of your efforts and these tokens can then be converted into Gold from the Gold Shop. You buy Gold Chests with Una’s Tokens and per chest, you can get 10,000 tokens. One chest costs 500 tokens right now.

Collect Masterpieces

Among the items you can find and turn into gold in the Lost Ark game world are the so-called masterpieces. You get them by completing quests or filling adventure tomes. There are 38 masterpieces in Arkesia, for which you will collect a total of 29,000 gold when you show them to Alfonso on Sunflower Island. However, you must collect at least 20 masterpieces to get gold from Alfonso for the first time (3,000 gold).

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