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Hello everyone!

This is a very fun game. It is suitable for playing at leisure. Maybe a break in the middle of a class. Or you can also play during the holidays. Along with millions of other players around the world. Please give your feedback so that we can improve more attractive versions. Wish you happy gaming!
Join happy wheels unblocked online with the level editor and custom player levels. When you play Happy Wheels, you don't play to win - you play to live. Join and play Happy Wheels for free now. You won't regret it, but your rider might.This is a crazy physics based game! You will be surprised by what you are about to face in this game! But can't run away you've been pushed to a dead end. Please try to move this wheelchair safely. because the man on it was seriously injured. I think he won't be able to take any more falls. This is dangerous. Start this crazy game now!