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When it comes to preserving and showcasing our cherished memories, few things can compare to a picture frame. A picture frame is not just a decorative item; it is a vessel that holds our most treasured moments, safeguarding them from the passage of time. With their ability to enhance the beauty of an image and complement the décor of any space, picture frames have become an essential part of our lives. In this comprehensive article, we will explore the world of picture frames, their various types, materials, styles, and the best practices for choosing and displaying them. So, let's dive into the fascinating world of picture frames and discover how they can add charm and elegance to our homes.

Table of Contents
  1. What is a Picture Frame?A Brief History of Picture Frames
  2. The Importance of Picture Frames
  3. Different Types of Picture FramesWood Picture Frames
  4. Metal Picture Frames
  5. Plastic Picture Frames
  6. Choosing the Right Picture FrameConsider the Subject and Style
  7. Size and Proportion
  8. Matching the Frame with the Environment
  9. Creative Ways to Display Picture FramesWall Gallery
  10. Tabletop Arrangements
  11. Collage Frames
  12. Maintaining and Cleaning Picture FramesDusting and Cleaning Techniques
  13. Handling and Storage Tips
  14. FAQs about Picture FramesAre all picture frames the same size?
  15. Can picture frames be customized?
  16. How do I hang a picture frame securely?
  17. What are the most popular picture frame sizes?
  18. Can picture frames be used for artwork other than photographs?
  19. What are the benefits of using archival picture frames?
  20. Conclusion
What is a Picture Frame?A Brief History of Picture Frames

Picture frames have been around for centuries, evolving from simple functional objects to intricate works of art. The history of Picture Frame can be traced back to ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Greece, where they were used to adorn important artworks and preserve them for future generations. In the Middle Ages, picture frames began to take on a more decorative role, with ornate designs and precious materials like gold and silver. As time passed, picture frames became more accessible to the general public, and today, they are available in a wide variety of styles and materials.

The Importance of Picture Frames

Picture frames serve multiple purposes beyond merely holding a photograph or artwork. They provide protection from dust, moisture, and other damaging elements, ensuring that the image remains in pristine condition for years to come. Additionally, picture frames add aesthetic value to the displayed image, enhancing its overall impact and making it a focal point in any room. Whether it's a family portrait, a vacation snapshot, or a piece of art, a well-chosen picture frame can elevate the visual appeal and emotional significance of the subject.

Different Types of Picture Frames

Picture frames come in a vast array of types, materials, and styles. Each type has its unique characteristics and lends itself well to different kinds of images and environments. Let's explore some of the most popular types of picture frames available today.

Wood Picture Frames

Wood picture frames are timeless classics that exude warmth and elegance. They are available in various wood types, including oak, cherry, walnut, and mahogany, each with its distinctive grain patterns and finishes. Wood frames blend seamlessly with both traditional and contemporary interiors, adding a touch of natural beauty to any space. They are particularly well-suited for displaying family portraits, landscapes, and black-and-white photographs, as they provide a warm and inviting backdrop.

Metal Picture Frames

For a sleek and modern look, metal picture frames are an excellent choice. They are typically made of aluminum or stainless steel and offer a contemporary and minimalist aesthetic. Metal frames are lightweight, durable, and come in a variety of finishes, such as brushed, polished, or matte. These frames are ideal for showcasing abstract art, architectural photography, and vibrant, colorful images.

Plastic Picture Frames

Plastic picture frames are a budget-friendly option that provides versatility and durability. They are available in an extensive range of styles and colors, making it easy to find a frame that matches your decor. Plastic frames are lightweight, easy to clean, and are an excellent choice for displaying children's artwork, casual snapshots, and posters.

Choosing the Right Picture Frame

Choosing the right picture frame is essential to ensure that your image receives the attention it deserves and complements the overall aesthetics of your space. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a picture frame:

Consider the Subject and Style

The subject matter of the image and the overall style of your space should guide your choice of picture frame. For formal portraits or traditional artwork, a classic and ornate frame made of wood or gold would be suitable. In contrast, modern and abstract pieces may benefit from sleek metal frames or even frameless options like canvas wraps or acrylic prints.

Size and Proportion

Selecting the appropriate frame size and proportion is crucial to maintain visual balance. Consider the dimensions of your image and choose a frame that provides sufficient space for the artwork to breathe. A frame that is too large or too small can detract from the impact of the image. Remember to consider the matting and other elements that will be part of the overall presentation.

Matching the Frame with the Environment

The frame should harmonize with the surrounding environment to create a cohesive and visually pleasing display. Take into account the color scheme, decor style, and mood of the room where the image will be displayed. A frame that complements the existing elements of the space will create a unified and harmonious look.

Creative Ways to Display Picture Frames

Picture frames offer endless possibilities for creative and personalized displays. Here are some inspiring ideas to showcase your favorite images:

Wall Gallery

Creating a wall gallery is an excellent way to turn a blank wall into a captivating display of memories. Arrange a collection of picture frames in various sizes and shapes to create visual interest. Experiment with different layouts and consider adding other decorative elements such as mirrors or wall decals to enhance the overall impact.

Tabletop Arrangements

Tabletop displays are perfect for showcasing smaller images or for creating thematic vignettes. Arrange a collection of frames on a console table, mantel, or shelf, mixing and matching different styles and sizes. Add other decorative objects like vases, candles, or small sculptures to create a visually appealing arrangement.

Collage Frames

Collage frames offer a convenient and stylish way to display multiple images in one frame. Choose a collage frame with various openings and arrange a collection of photographs or artwork in a visually pleasing manner. Collage frames are versatile and can be hung on the wall or placed on a tabletop, allowing you to showcase multiple memories in one cohesive display.

Maintaining and Cleaning Picture Frames

To ensure that your picture frames continue to look their best, regular maintenance and cleaning are essential. Here are some tips to keep your frames in pristine condition:

Dusting and Cleaning Techniques

Dust your picture frames regularly using a soft, lint-free cloth or a feather duster. Pay attention to the corners and crevices where dust tends to accumulate. For deeper cleaning, use a mild cleaning solution or glass cleaner specifically formulated for frames. Apply the cleaner to a soft cloth and gently wipe the frame, taking care not to damage the image inside.

Handling and Storage Tips

When handling picture frames, always hold them by the sides or the back to avoid smudging the glass or leaving fingerprints. If you need to transport or store frames, wrap them individually in acid-free tissue paper or bubble wrap to protect them from scratches and other damage. Store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent fading and warping.

FAQs about Picture FramesAre all picture frames the same size?

No, picture frames come in various sizes to accommodate different image dimensions. Common frame sizes include 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, and 11x14 inches, among others. Additionally, custom framing services allow you to create frames in any size you require.

Can picture frames be customized?

Yes, picture frames can be customized to suit your specific needs and preferences. Custom framing services offer a wide range of options, including different frame materials, finishes, matting, and even personalized engravings. Customizing a frame ensures a perfect fit for your image and allows you to create a truly unique display.

How do I hang a picture frame securely?

To hang a picture frame securely, use appropriate hardware such as picture hooks, wall anchors, or nails designed for the weight of the frame. Consider the wall material and weight of the frame when selecting the hanging hardware. Always use a level to ensure the frame is straight, and if in doubt, consult a professional for assistance.

What are the most popular picture frame sizes?

While frame sizes can vary, some of the most popular sizes include 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, and 11x14 inches. These sizes are commonly used for standard photographs and are readily available in most stores. However, keep in mind that picture frames can be customized to fit any size or shape.

Can picture frames be used for artwork other than photographs?

Absolutely! Picture frames are versatile and can be used to display various types of artwork, including paintings, drawings, prints, and posters. When framing artwork, it is essential to choose a frame that complements the style and enhances the visual impact of the piece.

What are the benefits of using archival picture frames?

Archival picture frames are specifically designed to protect artwork and photographs from deterioration caused by environmental factors. They are made using acid-free materials and UV-protective glass, which helps prevent fading, discoloration, and damage from light exposure. Archival frames are an excellent choice for preserving valuable or sentimental images.


Picture frames are more than mere accessories; they are storytellers, guardians of memories, and works of art in their own right. From classic wood frames to sleek metal designs, there is a picture frame to suit every image and decor style. By selecting the right frame and displaying it creatively, you can transform your space into a personal gallery that celebrates your most cherished moments. So, go ahead, embrace the power of picture frames, and let your memories shine.

As many owners embark on new year renovations, inevitably you encounter the choice of trim. You've decided to renovate your flooring, however the appearance isn't always whole until you upload the trim. Depending on the type of hardwoods you have installed, there are numerous styles of trim you can choose from.

You have spent an awesome bit on new wooden floors, however the appearance is not finished till the molding goes in, but you have not given it tons idea. Regardless of its capability, trim is unexpectedly turning into the ending statement of a protection. There are such a lot of alternatives, how will you possibly pick one?

Flooring Trim

In essence, there are five principal types of trim, and they may be used not most effective with hardwood flooring, but with laminate, tile and floating engineered wooden floors. The five varieties of trim are as follows:

· End cap molding is the traditional transition piece which allows one ground to merge with some other, leaving no space among the two. This is generally used whilst assembly a phase of flooring already in vicinity at a door jamb or outside door manner. They are also used to hide expansion gaps within the flooring.

· Wall base molding is used as trim across the ground region. This sector round mould can be painted or stained to match the hardwood floors set up. Basically, it is the trim that finishes off the fringe of the room.

· T-moldings are one way to attach two rooms. This molding joint is used to healthy up and connect rooms in which the floors may additionally meet. It is commonly used in doors to other rooms, in which wooden floors is already in vicinity. The concept at the back of the t-molding is to seamlessly combination two regions of hardwood floor that are juxtaposed.

· Reducer strips are used whilst two regions of floors meet, but they're no longer on the equal top. This often occurs while hardwood floors and positive entrances, like a sliding glass or outside door meet.

· Stair nostril molding is the masking for the ones sharp angles on your stairs. This rounds out the rims and maintains the stairs flush and easy.

A floors renovation is by no means entire until the trim is about, so in case you are considering renovating your wooden flooring, bear in mind to take into consideration your molding. While many DIY weekend warriors can address the sort of project, many homeowners can also experience beaten at the possibility of installing or refinishing hardwood floors. If you are timid approximately the challenge, you can always name on the offerings of a professionally trained hardwood installation group, and take the headache from your flooring.

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Best Cordless Chainsaw Comparison Test – 2020

There is not anything cooler than a chainsaw. They are competitive equipment that make processing heavy timber substances effortless and exciting. But are cordless battery-powered chainsaws equipped for the highlight? A chainsaw calls for a high output of electricity so that you can reduce successfully, without stalling or bogging down. With the improvements in battery and electronics technology over the last few years, we were demanding to see how the cordless tool global applies that generation to chainsaws.

Best Cordless Chainsaw

The benefits of cordless OPE are widely recognized. Ease of upkeep, handy long time storage, reduced noise, no more exhaust fumes, no more blending gas, just to call a few. Many execs are tired of dealing with the protection of fuel-powered saws as properly. But what kind of overall performance are you able to realistically anticipate from a battery-powered chainsaw? That’s what we set out to locate with this latest Head-2-Head.

Cordless Chainsaw Head-2-Head Selection Criteria

Currently, there are dozens of different models of cordless chainsaws in an expansion of various voltages and bar lengths. In order to restrict our pattern length, we decided what length noticed could be maximum realistic across a extensive variety of programs. We recognized three main classes of customers that could benefit the most from a cordless chainsaw.

The first is arborist’s or tree care experts searching out a smaller, maneuverable saw, requiring less protection for limbing paintings or cleansing up brush piles to be chipped. The 2nd is contractors or production experts who're already invested in a battery platform and seeking out a noticed for infrequent use or home use. And subsequently, homeowners or landowners searching out a tool for occasional use or hurricane cleanup.

Based upon this, we selected to check saws with a bar and chain between 14″-sixteen″ long. A saw of this size would be realistic inside the hands of maximum users for an expansion of responsibilities. Likely in location of a gasoline-powered chainsaw inside the 30-45 cc variety. We additionally restrained the voltage from 18V-62V. This gave us a sample size of twelve saws from all of the primary manufacturers and manufacturers.

Cordless Chainsaw Lineup

DEWALT Flexvolt MAX 60V

Model: DCCS670X1

Bar Length: sixteen″

Chain Manufacturer: OEM

Weight: 12.2 Lbs

Battery Size: 3.0 Ah

Tool-Free Chain Tensioner

Automatic Oiler

Flip Cap Oil Reservoir

Warranty: 3 Year Limited /1 Year Free Service / ninety Day Money Back

DR Power PULSE 62V

Model: 414170

Bar Length: sixteen″

Chain Manufacturer: Oregon

Weight: 9.Nine Lbs.

Battery Size: 2.Five Ah

Tool-Free Chain Tensioner

Automatic Oiler

Screw Cap Oil Reservoir W/ Replaceable filter out

Warranty: 2 Year Residential / 90 Day Commercial

Echo 58V

Model: CCS-58V4AH

Bar Length: 16″

Chain Manufacturer: Oregon

Weight: 13.7 Lbs.

Battery Size: four.Zero Ah

Manual/Tooled Chain Tensioner

Automatic Oiler

Screw Cap Oil Reservoir

Warranty: 5 Year Consumer / 2 Year Professional

Ego Power+ 56V

Model: CS1604

Bar Length: 16″

Chain Manufacturer: OEM

Weight: 8.Sixty nine Lbs.

Battery Size: five.Zero Ah

Tool Free Chain Tensioner

Autimatic Oiler

Screw Cap Oil Reservoir

Warranty: five Year

Greenworks PRO 60V

Model: 2014502

Bar Length: 16″

Chain Manufacturer: OEM

Weight: 10.0 Lbs.

Battery Size: 2.0Ah

Manual/Tooled Chain Tensioner

Automatic Oiler

Flip Cap Oil Reservoir

Warranty: four Year Tool and Battery

Husqvarna 536li XP 36V

Model: 536li XP

Bar Length: 14″

Chain Manufacturer: Husqvarna

Weight: 5.29 Lbs.

Battery Size: 9.Four Ah

Manual/Tooled Chain Tensioner

Automatic Oiler

Flip Cap Oil Reservoir

Warranty: 3 Year Residential / 2 Year Commercial

Kobalt 40V

Model: KCS 4040-06

Bar Length: 14″

Chain Manufacturer: OEM

Weight: 10.9 Lbs.

Battery Size: 4.0 Ah

Manual/Tooled Chain Tensioner

Automatic Oiler

Flip Cap Oil Reservoir

Warranty: 5 Year Limited

Makita 18V X2 / 36V LXT

Model: XCU04PT1

Bar Length: 16″

Chain Manufacturer: Oregon

Weight: eight.3 Lbs.

Battery Size: 5.Zero Ah (X2)

Tool-Free Chain Tensioner

Adjustable Oiler

Flip Cap Oil Reservoir

Warranty: 3 Year Limited

Milwaukee M18 FUEL

Model: 2727-21HD

Bar Length: sixteen″

Chain Manufacturer: Oregon

Weight: thirteen.Nine Lbs.

Battery Size: 12.Zero Ah

Manual/Tooled Chain Tensioner

Automatic Oiler

Screw Cap Oil Reservoir

Warranty: 5 Year Limited

Oregon 40V

Model: CS300

Bar Length: sixteen″

Chain Manufacturer: Oregon

Weight: 10.2 Lbs.

Battery Size: 6.0 Ah

Tool-Free Chain Tensioner

Automatic Oiler

Screw Cap Oil Reservoir

Warranty: three Years

Ryobi 40V

Model: RY40550

Bar Length: 16″

Chain Manufacturer: OEM

Weight: 12.Four Lbs.

Battery Size: 4.Zero Ah

Manual/Tooled Chain Tensioner

Automatic Oiler

Screw Cap Oil Reservoir

Warranty: five Year Limited

Stihl 36V

Model: MSA 220C-B

Bar Length: sixteen″

Chain Manufacturer: Stihl

Weight: 6.Four Lbs.

Battery Size: 7.2 Ah

Tool-Free Chain Tensioner

Automatic Oiler

Manual Chain Brake

Flip Cap Oil Reservoir

Warranty: 3 Year Residential / 2 Year Commercial

Cordless Chainsaw Evaluation Criteria

Up till lately, cordless chainsaws had been simply form of a funny story. But the cordless revolution and upgrades in battery era have now given producers the inspiration they need to build simply capable chainsaws. In order to very well evaluate our sample frame of equipment, we conducted a chain of disturbing checks. Each saw became ranked based totally upon a total of nine assessment categories.

When figuring out our evaluation standards it turned into essential to select checks that applied to a extensive variety of users. Our compiled facts needed to be as relatable to tree care professionals as it is to contractors and domestic/landowners. Testing every noticed to its restrict was also important on the way to virtually set up the line that separates the capability of a cordless noticed from a traditional gas-powered model. It is also worth citing that every one of our exams were performed on hardwood timber as they may be common and extensively available all through the Northeast.

Bearing all this in thoughts, we settled on the subsequent classes:

Run-Time Cutting

Speed Cutting

Torture/High Demand Cutting

Tool Size and Balance




Decibel Output


In addition to those ranked classes, we desired comments from true professional users and reached out to a nearby tree enterprise to be part of the testing. They were on-site with us for the day of checking out and brought their bucket truck. We placed every saw within the palms of an skilled tree pro and placed them to work limbing up a status useless ash tree. This is a real-global application that has always been completed with a gasoline-powered noticed. Performing this assignment gave us treasured remarks in figuring out if any of the battery-powered equipment were geared up for traumatic professional carrier.

Cordless Chainsaw Run-Time Test

Run-time checking out appears pretty uncomplicated, proper? Put a battery in the thing and just reduce a few stuff. Our aim is to in reality take a look at the boundaries of these gear and run-time trying out became a most desirable possibility for us to try this.

Our run-time take a look at consisted of placing a totally charged battery in each noticed with a manufacturing facility sharpened chain after which proceed to reduce as many crosscut slices thru a tree duration log as viable on a unmarried battery rate. Each saw become filled with Stihl Woodcutter bar and chain oil previous to starting the test and chain anxiety changed into also set properly.

The take a look at logs have been Maple, all approximately 13.5″ in diameter. The logs had sat off the floor seasoning for approximately  years. Because no tree is an excellent column, we had some variation in diameter. The average diameter of the logs calculated out to thirteen.6875″.

Maple isn't the toughest species of wooden available, however those have been some BIG logs. In truth, they have been probably larger than what maximum of these saws had been designed to reduce, that's why we selected them. This check compelled the saws to work tough, and it confirmed. In order to preserve things uniform, we stored the same two test cutters for the entire check. Both operators have been advised to carry out five cuts at a time and then pause for 25 seconds to permit the batteries a short relief and avoid thermal overloading.

First Place: Ego

Ego beaten this take a look at, plain and simple. The Ego noticed completed a complete of 31 complete intensity cuts and then a partial reduce of four.25″ at the thirty second cut earlier than death. Ego has a rock-solid battery platform, and this check highlights that.

The electronics of the Ego noticed are extraordinarily green and switch the energy in their 56V ARC technology seamlessly to the 16″ bar and chain. The Ego changed into the first noticed we examined and as we watched the stack of cookies upward thrust, we started out to worry that we would run out of check material. Our crew did point out that after the fifteenth cut, there was a exchange in slicing speed and the device regarded to slow down slightly, but stored going.

Second Place: Milwaukee

The Milwaukee FUEL noticed was the bottom voltage device of the day, however still shined as a cutter. The FUEL finished a complete of 21 cuts with a partial depth of 9.25″ on the 22nd. The confirmed M18 platform with the huge 12.0 Ah battery did thoroughly in our checking out. However, this saw did experience a battery overload at the 18th reduce. We had to do away with the battery, let it quiet down for nearly ten mins, after which maintain the check. The Milwaukee noticed uses a slower chain velocity compared to a number of the alternative saws, however grants a ton of torque and power while reducing.


Third Place: Greenworks

The Greenworks Pro 60V noticed is no stranger to the Tool Box Buzz crew. It achieved a total of 21 complete cuts and maintained constant chain speed and electricity during. Overall our check cutters agreed that it had fantastic energy and was a “Top Cutter”.

Learning to Cut Differently

While evaluating run-time, our check cutters discovered that operating a cordless chainsaw is drastically special from a conventional saw. A fuel-powered saw will generally will let you lean right into a cut and placed extra leverage and force on the tool. A fuel-powered motor will strength via this at the same time as bogging down without incident. However, an electric saw will close itself down whilst encountering extreme resistance to prevent unfavorable the motor. Our operators needed to permit the saws to do the reducing and maintain back from leaning on them an excessive amount of.

Of the saws we examined; Makita, Stihl, and DR Power had troubles with stalling out and needed to be reset to hold slicing. The Stihl especially needed to be reset, battery removed, and cooled off, several times to preserve the take a look at.

Speed Cutting Test

Published chain speeds, RPM rankings, producer reducing claims can all get pretty difficult. So we made it a concern to peer just how rapid our cordless saws should perform a reduce in a chunk of hardwood. A seasoned duration of Ash become decided on to carry out the rate cutting test. Our pattern log measured out to a median diameter of 11.02″ based upon measurements taken earlier than the start of each test reduce.

We chose to maintain the same operator for the whole check to maintain consistency. Our test cutter then done 3 timed cross cuts as quick because the noticed turned into capable of. After the effects were recorded, we reset and completed the take a look at a 2d time. The average of the 2 times changed into calculated and used to rank every noticed.

First Place: Echo

One of the take a look at cutters summed up the Echo flawlessly; “This element appears like a chainsaw!” The Echo saw powered thru the rate cuts with a median time of forty four.5 seconds. Echo’s 58V system makes use of a slower chain pace however provides quite a few felt torque inside the cut. This stability of speed and electricity allowed the Echo to bite thru our take a look at material speedy without bogging down or losing in pace.

Second Place: Stihl

Stihl is a large name, if not the biggest within the chainsaw international. Their recognition is built upon their strong construction and expert-grade engineering and capabilities. This lineage in reality showed itself at some point of out speed reduce checking out. With a median reduce time of forty eight seconds, the Stihl had zero issues reducing via the eleven″ Ash log. While the Stihl struggled with the bigger diameter run-time log, the smaller log used right here, in conjunction with Stihl’s very competitive profiled chain yielded outstanding consequences.

Third Place: Greenworks

With a mean reduce time of fifty.2 seconds, Greenworks persisted to shine as a “Top Cutter.” The Greenworks PRO 60V noticed’s performance inside the velocity slicing test is an great instance of a tool that turned into built from the floor up as a cordless chainsaw.

Cordless Chainsaw Torture Test

In order to break down a large spherical of wooden to a greater doable length, chainsaw customers will regularly perform a rip cut or “Noodling” cut as it is greater normally referred to as. We selected a noodling cut as our torture take a look at because of the reality that it substantially exams the full powerband of the cordless noticed. A noodling cut is completed parallel to the grain of a full log round.

What makes it so difficult is the chain has to pull the lengthy-stranded chips via the complete kerf duration of the bar and chain. These lengthy-stranded chips resemble curly noodles, subsequently the name Noodling. Traditionally a user could need a bigger and greater powerful fuel-powered saw to perform this type of cut.

For our test, twelve pre-cut rounds, of wet Red Oak, have been positioned standing on a block and reduce parallel to the grain. Our rounds have been every twelve inches long and averaged sixteen.Seventy eight″ in diameter. The longevity of the grain shape of the Red Oak and the moisture content of the wooden positioned a large demand on our saws.

We selected to make this check a Pass/Fail assessment specially due to the fact we had been unsure if the saws could be able to complete the take a look at. To our surprise, almost every device handed the test! The most effective noticed which failed to finish the noodling reduce was the Milwaukee M18 FUEL. During the check reduce, the Milwaukee jammed with sawdust and noodle strands absolutely binding and seizing the blade. The saw had to be disassembled and cleaned out earlier than it changed into useful once more.

Cordless Chainsaw Head-2-Head

The performance of those battery-powered saws all through our torture take a look at turned into extraordinarily amazing. It confirmed us the gain of present day electric powered automobiles and their potential to maintain a regular output irrespective of demand.


We ranked our saws primarily based upon the bare device weight of each version. Based upon the posted naked tool weights we ranked the saws as follows:

Overall Size and Balance

Numbers on my own do no longer constantly tell the full story of the overall sense of a tool in hand. We selected to include length and balance further to weight throughout our assessment. Some of the saws did a exceptional job of balancing this elevated weight and length even as others did not. One of our test cutters remarked that operating some of these saws felt like “using a large Cadillac boat like my Grandma used to power”.

Our expert tree cutter felt that common length and balance was one of the biggest factors for him while finding out if he would take any such saws up in the bucket. If the saw become bulky and unwieldy, then it would be an absolute no-go for them to even do not forget.

First Place: Stihl

The Stihl felt like a compact professional-grade tool inside the fingers of every consumer. The ordinary length and stability is exquisite and felt extra like a chainsaw with a battery in it than a battery-powered chainsaw.

Second Place: Husqvarna

Husqvarna is the alternative biggest and most well-known name within the chainsaw international. The 536li XP felt nimble and balanced in hand. It’s light-weight and compact layout makes it a real professional-grade device. Our tree cutter said that the Husqvarna had “incredible balance and light-weight in hand”. He felt that it changed into the most practical desire of all of the saws for use in a bucket or tree because of the burden.

Third Place: Makita

The Makita XCU04PT1 saw offered a extraordinary mixture of weight and balance. The Makita 36V  battery machine locations the battery packs better up and focused on the noticed. This cuts down on the overall duration of the noticed frame and streamlines it as nicely. Much like the Stihl and Husqvarna, the Makita noticed balanced in addition to a conventional gasoline-powered saw and was easily managed with the aid of our check team.

Cordless Chainsaw Features

Our saws ranged from simple and Spartan in phrases of capabilities to jam-packed. We tested every saw and in comparison functions together with guide chain brakes, chain tensioning structures, bar oil fill cap layout, onboard device garage, bumper spikes or felling puppies, and lots of other regions as nicely. Based on this special contrast, we have been capable of rank our equipment as follows.

First Place: DEWALT

The DEWALT Flexvolt noticed has an first rate set of functions that make it very consumer friendly. The manual chain brake, specially, stood out to our group as a nicely concept out and achieved safety feature. The brake lever had an super contour to it with very brief travel to interact and disengage. DEWALT’s tool-unfastened mini chainsaw cordless device turned into additionally the most user pleasant. As a right-passed operator, I should easily preserve the saw by way of the ahead handle in my left hand while using my right hand to modify the chain tension. All of the controls featured wonderful, turn-down levers which are easy to apply and shop securely. The flip cap design of the bar oil reservoir become also extraordinarily easy to use. One place of development for the noticed might be a fixed of metal bumper spikes instead of the modern molded plastic ones.

Second Place: Oregon

The Oregon call is well referred to as a manufacturer of extremely good bars, chains, and different forestry products. But the CS300 chainsaw become a bit of an unknown surprise to our group. Having never examined a device from Oregon before, we had been pleasantly surprised by using this powerful monster. Oregon saw became full of features that had been very simply designed by way of chainsaw people. The first of which became the Oregon Self Sharpening system and 91PS056X chain. Oregon covered a self-sharpening device in which the person truly pulls upwards on a manipulate lever for 3-five seconds while running the noticed to mechanically sharpen the chain. The lever lowers a contoured sharpening stone down onto the chain and sharpens as it runs. This characteristic makes the often foreboding task of sharpening a sequence resultseasily. The chain is proprietary and the sprucing stone will best work with the special chain. Oregon additionally has excellent bumper spikes and a responsive chain brake as well as a device-free chain tensioning machine.

Third Place: Stihl

It comes as no marvel that a professional-grade device just like the Stihl includes expert-grade capabilities as properly. Stihl consists of an inboard grasp design in conjunction with metal bumper spikes and chain trap with the MSA 220 C-B. The tool-loose chain tensioning gadget is very consumer pleasant. The finger rotary dial design for adjusting anxiety become found to be slightly much less intuitive than the DEWALT Design.

Of all of the saws that had been examined, Kobalt was the simplest model to not function a manual chain brake lever and it’s putting in this category displays that. The Kobalt additionally requires a device to tension the chain. Our crew discovered an overwhelming choice for saws with a device-unfastened chain tensioning method in preference to a traditional tooled gadget. For saws of this elegance, device-free appears to make the maximum experience.

Overall Ergonomics

The time period ergonomics receives thrown around loads and is absolutely person-structured. Bearing that in mind we ranked our tools in phrases of ergonomics primarily based upon the way they worked with us during use. The regions we focused on were treated angles, grip textures, control locations, and felt vibration. All of those features are well worth thinking about to find the device that is comfy to the person.

First Place: Husqvarna

The Husqvarna noticed turned into designed for all-day expert use. The contoured perspective of the handles turned into secure as well as made the controls easy to attain. The saw featured a simple push-button strength switch as well as a guide chain brake, and grip tang safety release. These controls all labored easily collectively in hand. There is also little felt vibration with this noticed and no warm spots on the grips.

Second Place: Stihl

The compact body design of the Stihl in conjunction with ergonomic controls makes this one of the maximum comfortable gear in hand. The Stihl functions a push-button safety launch on the left facet of the rear grip in place of an on/off switch, this button is easy to reach and unobtrusive for the duration of use. The ease of battery access and brief exchange were great at the Stihl.

Third Place: Makita

The Makita noticed followed the equal layout direction as the Husqvarna, with a push-button on/off transfer and a grip tang safety launch. This easy feature on my own became determined to be a fave amongst our checking out crews. The tree care execs additionally significantly desired this gadget and located the Makita to be extraordinarily much like their present day gas-powered saws.

Decibel Output Rating

One of the primary benefits of cordless chainsaws and cordless OPE in preferred is the lack of noise. But simply how quiet is a cordless chainsaw. To check this, the saws were positioned on a concrete slab open storage space in the identical general region. An common Decibel score from each saw at approximately palms duration away. The same hard distance as users ears would be from the tool at some point of use. The decibel score turned into captured in the course of the loudest rev-up phase of the gear, much like how they would carry out while slicing.

Husqvarna metered the lowest at seventy four.4 and DEWALT observed carefully in the back of at 74.Five. The majority of the saws fell among 74.5 to seventy six.5 decibels, Greenworks turned into the loudest noticed at eighty.1 decibels.

All of the saws tested fell within the OSHA secure hearing stage standards and are appreciably quieter than a comparable size fuel-powered saw. For extended use, a set of hearing protection is a superb concept in my opinion. I discovered the pitch of the electric cars to be stressful after extended use. Similar to taking note of a miter saw all day.


Using a number of various online providers and local sellers, the saws had been ranked based totally upon the contemporary marketplace charge on a naked tool, on the time of this newsletter. The naked tool charge is the quality manner to rank a comparison inclusive of this due to the fact lots of our manufacturers promote their saws as a la carte device. They permit the person consumer to choose the battery packs and charger proper for them.  Such as Stihl, Husqvarna, and Oregon.


Looking at bare device costs, we see three of our pinnacle-performing saws all the manner at the bottom. This wide difference in rate is a right away reflection of a absolutely seasoned-grade device as opposed to a residential or homeowner grade tool. The Kobalt will now not be capable, or predicted to perform, to the identical degree because the Husqvarna or Stihl. Stihl is likewise precise in that they do no longer provide online sales. In order to buy a Stihl chainsaw, you must visit a Stihl supplier. This dealer experience is a trademark of the Stihl brand and is some thing that TBB Crew Member Jeff Williams discussed in a preceding evaluate.

Below is some “Buy Now” hyperlinks to buy some of the saws featured on this Head-2-Head from our sponsor at Ohio Power Tool.

Buy Now From Our Sponsored Retailers

Ohio Power Tool


Ego Power+ Chainsaw Kit


Milwaukee M18 FUEL Chainsaw Kit

Other Options

60V FLEXVOLT Chainsaw (ACME Tool)

ECHO 16" Cordless Chainsaw (ACME Tools)

EGO 16" Cordless Chainsaw (ACME Tool)

Husqvarna Cordless Chainsaw (ACME Tools)

Makita Cordless Chainsaw (ACME Tools)

Oregon Cordless Chainsaw (ACME Tools)

Ryobi Cordless Chainsaw (Home Depot)

Best Overall Value Cordless Chainsaw

Echo CCS-58VA Chainsaw

Of all of the cordless chainsaws featured on this comparison take a look at, the Echo stood out as a exquisite price sponsored through superb overall performance. The Echo changed into our fastest cutter and ranked inside the pinnacle five for run time and weight. But extra importantly, it tied for 1/3 for the fee as a naked device. The echo has a solid heft to it that makes it experience like a conventional gas noticed in hand but continues to be relatively light. Because it cuts at a decrease chain pace with higher torque, the 58V Echo chewed thru each species of wood we threw at it and not using a problems.

While a bit cumbersome for a tree climber or bucket saw, the Echo is an extremely good noticed for firewood reducing or widespread smooth up round a domestic or assets. Echo also offers customers the choice of on line ordering as well as the nearby provider revel in or shopping from a massive home center. The CCS-58VA is part of a larger lineup of cordless OPE from echo and could serve any owner of a house properly as a part of a entire machine of merchandise.

Best Cordless Chainsaw Results – Winner Stihl

Based on our evaluation standards, each saw was ranked and a factor value changed into recorded. These rankings were then brought and a final rating order turned into decided. The decrease the score, the higher the placement of the tool. Based upon this, Stihl took pinnacle region normal with 36 points. DEWALT and Husqvarna tied for 2d place with 41 points. Makita accompanied close behind with 42 points and turned into a stable performer.


Overall our test saws set up themselves into three classes. Power tool corporations that made a cordless chainsaw, chainsaw agencies that designed a battery-powered saw, and battery-powered corporations that built a chainsaw round their platform. Each individual device had its own strengths and weaknesses and their overall performance became sincerely based totally upon their battery system. Overall our team was extraordinarily impressed with the strength and skills that these cordless saws must offer.

If you're currently invested in the battery platform, you then probably can’t go incorrect with selecting up a matching chainsaw. If you're thinking about purchasing a noticed and aren’t invested in a platform, take a look at the overall range of gear from each manufacturer while making your selection. Cutting a tree a few seconds slower is not anything in comparison to the expense of investing in a couple of battery structures.


For the tree care pros out there, a battery noticed is well worth looking at as well. Charging a battery is manner less complicated than filling a gas can and less messy. More importantly, a battery-powered saw is going from on to off with the flip of a switch. While high-priced, the professional-grade tools highlighted in this take a look at are extraordinarily capable and powerful. A pro may be surprised at how regularly they would locate themselves attaining for a battery-powered saw over a gas-powered model.

So whether you are a outdoor lumberjack, a rugged tree cutter, or an eco-conscious cannibal from Texas, a cordless chainsaw is likely a extremely good choice for you.

Mobile telephones have become an integral a part of our lives, revolutionizing the manner we talk, get admission to statistics, and carry out diverse tasks. With technological advancements, cell gadgets have evolved into powerful tools that provide a great deal more than simply conversation. This article explores the effect of cellular era on one of a kind aspects of our lives and examines its future potentialities.

Evolution of Mobile Technology
The journey of cellular technology started out with primary gadgets that allowed us to make calls and ship textual content messages. Over time, cell phones have come to be an increasing number of advanced, incorporating capabilities inclusive of net connectivity, multimedia abilities, and advanced running structures. From the appearance of 2G networks to the current 5G revolution, cellular technology has witnessed exquisite development.

The Impact of Mobile Phones on Communication
Mobile telephones have revolutionized communique with the aid of making it less complicated, quicker, and more handy. With the capability to make calls, send textual content messages, and have interaction in video chats, we can stay linked with our cherished ones irrespective of distance. Social media platforms and on the spot messaging apps have similarly more desirable conversation, permitting us to proportion updates, pics, and videos in real-time.

Mobile Phones and Connectivity
In contemporary interconnected global, cellular phones play a critical role in preserving us related to the internet. With mobile facts or Wi-Fi connectivity, we will get right of entry to records, browse the net, and live updated on present day occasions anytime, everywhere. Mobile devices have transformed the manner we devour news, get right of entry to social media, and live related to the virtual global.

Mobile Apps: Enhancing Functionality
Mobile apps have become an essential a part of our lives, imparting us with a wide variety of services and enhancing the capability of our gadgets. Whether it's navigation apps, productivity equipment, health trackers, or enjoyment platforms, cell apps provide convenience and performance at our fingertips. The app atmosphere has spread out limitless possibilities, allowing us to customize our cell revel in according to our iPhone battery replacement and choices.

Mobile Gaming: Entertainment at the Go
The upward push of cell gaming has transformed the gaming industry, enabling tens of millions of humans to enjoy immersive gaming reviews on their smartphones and capsules. With high-performance processors, advanced pictures, and contact-screen interfaces, mobile gadgets provide a handy platform for gaming enthusiasts. From informal puzzle games to competitive multiplayer reports, mobile gaming has turn out to be a worldwide phenomenon.

Mobile Commerce: Revolutionizing Shopping
Mobile commerce, or m-commerce, has revolutionized the way we shop and conduct monetary transactions. With cellular fee apps and e-trade platforms, we can browse products, make comfy payments, and music deliveries from the comfort of our smartphones. The comfort of cell purchasing has caused the growth of on-line marketplaces and the emergence of recent business fashions.

Mobile Health: Transforming Healthcare
Mobile generation has had a big effect on the healthcare industry, empowering both patients and healthcare experts. Mobile fitness, or mHealth, answers allow remote patient tracking, get admission to to scientific information, and the management of persistent situations. Health and fitness apps encourage people to undertake more healthy life and track their progress, selling normal nicely-being.


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