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Remote learning refers to educational training which takes place in a variety of formats and methods, the majority of which occurs online. Multiple online methods for interacting with students, collecting assignments, and sending teaching materials.

It's not a new phenomenon of online learning or remote learning although due to the coronavirus pandemic, remote learning has become the talk of the town.

Most universities and colleges started to offer more courses online.


Maureen Masudi from wise lead technologies commented that two major shifts in education due to remote learning: enhanced entry and boost multiplicity. The access burden has virtually decreased, because of the cheap cost of teaching (online), a flood of new-age courses and material will rise.



Reasonable and high-quality education

Because of the absence of some operating expenditures in programs offered, online learning is frequently more inexpensive than university college learning while still offering an outstanding education.

Soft skills are developed through remote learning.

Remote learning helps to acquire essential soft skills that are fundamental for the student's both personal and professional development. This signifies that remote learning will need the student to value their time and prepare their study accordingly. The incorporation of technology makes the newer generation more compassionate and fluent in technology.

Web-based learning flexibility

To begin with, remote learning aims to provide students with liberty by allowing them to study at any time from anywhere in the globe. This means students may intermix their studies with their family commitments as well as their professional careers without bargaining for everything at once. With the self-paced program structure, remote learning allows you to arrange your study schedule and control your time properly, encouraging students to achieve a feeling of independence.


Diane Gayeski a strategic communication professor at Ithaca College acknowledges that the future of our higher education will be luminous as people can get the information or degree from anywhere in the world  " Yet, in his assertion, the most significant shift will be that colleges will  able to have faculty members from all over the world—it will no longer be indispensable for them to reside intimately to campus. Of course, the appropriate sorts of professional agreements and inducements would be mandated.


Some apprehension is there regarding the relevance and significance of remote learning. According to a recent Gallup poll cited by US News & World Report, 37% of Americans thought or strongly thought that online schools and universities provide high-quality education. Furthermore, plenty of surveys claim that most business tycoons believe that remote learning can be beneficial and they would love to hire such people in their companies.




Greg Thomas, the faculty of education commented that now the world is moving towards remote learning, students and teachers both need to be more careful about how they present themselves online. Teachers need to be more analytical and more considerate of the needs of students. Students should pay additional attention to their instruction, and course and keep up with their learning.

Parents should be more involved in deciphering the requirements, mental support, and motivation for the overall process of remote learning.


The forest is something that is there from the beginning of our evolution, protecting, supporting, and helping the whole evolution process. From the outset, humans are dependent on forests for food, medicine, shelter, oxygen, and whatnot!


Although in the last two centuries, the health of our forests are tearing down. The idea of sustainable development and protection of our precious forest is the most discussed topic of the epoch. Apart from the saving earth and forests, we have an innovation that takes over every innovation of the past it's our smartphone or simply ICT (information and communication technologies). Visit Assignment Help Melbourne


In most of our smartphones there is LiDAR. It's a remote-sensing method that helps in light detection and ranging. It is a method for determining ranges by targeting a thing or a surface with a laser and measuring the duration for the reflected ray to return to the receiver. With the support of LiDAR, we can accurately find the measurement of a tree's diameter. This measurement can allow scientists to monitor the soundness of forests and their carbon sequestration.


Before LiDar we were measuring the diameter of trees by hugging them it was a long and time consuming process ,the algorithm developed by Cambridge University is ground breaking for the forest management. According to Amelia Holcomb from the computer science department of Cambridge university. The LiDAR enables them to figure out the carbon sequestering rate, things like trees with natural abnormalities, low hanging branches can be identified.


This algorithm is evolved by scientists providing data of tree measurements, image processing and computer vision techniques. It aided the algorithm to identify trunks, branches and directions where trees lean towards. This tool is super inexpensive, no need for special conditioning and widely available in most smartphones that's why experts are planning to provide this application to the public quite soon.


As we are discussing about the significance the LiDAR can play when it comes to protection of our woodlands however, we should discuss LiDAR technology drawbacks in forest resource monitoring, such as tricky operation, high analysis expense, poor portability, and enormous arithmetic. Visit Online Assignment in Help Hobart


Apart from LiDAR, there is plenty of software developed by experts using trigonometry functions that can assist experts nevertheless the stability of smartphone sensors is not up to mark and demand more precise sensors.


As we are merging ICT and smartphones in the development and protection of forests regardless, the smartphones are impressive for basic necessity of humans yet we need to improve the overall, performance of smartphones in the professional setting numerous results of sensors show faulty pictures or inaccurate measurements of woods.

Furthermore, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) are combined with smartphone and forest protection although it was not that successful as ample forests have weak or no signal.


In conclusion, we are moving towards a better, more futuristic future where smartphones and ICT can change the entire reality. Although we need more meticulous development in the ICT.







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We all have fond memories of watching the fight between animals, a lion, and a leopard chasing the rabbits, knowing the world of the unknown, the battle, the love, the survival, the apprehension, the breath-taking moments of wildlife


Do these wildlife documentaries show the real picture or a staged one?


Is wildlife always such a mess? Or is this the climax that we see? Are those breath-taking movements real or just edited, or created in such a manner that we get a dopamine release?


We all are aware that our forests and biodiversity are suffering. The environment is deteriorating loss of habitat and a very high rate of extinction. The whole forest is somehow disappearing and that leads to a growing distance between children and the radiant world of wildlife.


This wildlife documentary can be a connecting point where the younger generation gets to know about their surroundings which made the path of the high rate of wildlife documentaries.


Nowadays plenty of documentaries are made which raise the question of authenticity, realism, and the true picture of wildlife. Visit Assignment help Adelaide


Initially, the documentaries are telecast, then innumerable channels on television started to show wildlife but the emergence of social media kick-started the business of wildlife documentaries at a very fast-paced people are sharing cute-looking pandas and fearless leopards on social media. These days awareness about the environment and environmental protection is also rising which leads to more interest in wildlife.


Again the question of reality and the painted pictures arises. Are those documentaries showing us the unbiased true reality of wildlife or are also running behind trends on social media? Like, dislike and the views? Only rabbits, polar bears, and pandas taking over social media? Are they the only animals in the wild?


The Ph.D. scholars from the University of Cambridge have a certain eye-opening study to showcase how biased a wildlife documentary can be, they made a list of documentaries made between 1918 to 2021. Furthermore, they reviewed every aspect of the documentaries like organisms, habitats, species, etc. Visit Online Assignment Help Perth


The result was showing that most of the documents are revealing the life of the wild, concentrating on biodiversity and even informing concerns about forests and wildlife. However, something more fascinating we found in that analysis, the documentary makers only focused on vertebrates, more than 81% of documentaries were filled with vertebrates (mostly mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes).


On the other hand, the mention of invertebrates(cold-blooded animals with no backbone such as protozoans, annelids, etc.) is less than 18%. The fact is those only part of 18% of documentaries are 75% in wildlife and those who occupied 81% of mentions are only 3.4% in wildlife.

Moreover, the showing of anteaters chasing ants and falling flat to show their life or showing the leopards chasing and preying always, paints a picture that they are famished animals who consume all-day long.


Instead of showcasing the dopamine hike documentaries the producer can create a realistic picture of the natural world while developing awareness among the public.







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All around the world, countries place the highest priority on education. The environment for growth and prosperity can be altered by programmes that support students' attendance at school and enhance educational standards. Some actions should be made in order to maintain consistent growth and raise educational standards. In order to figure out what can the education sector do to improve the lie of students we need to first analyse why the quality of education has degraded over time.

Due to a number of factors, including:

·         unsuitable infrastructure

·         Lack of training for instructors’ Bad pedagogy

·         Utilizing theoretical methods to transfer information Badly evaluating the learning of the youngster

·         intense rivalry between the schools VISIT Do My Homework Help

Education sectors may consider the following aspects in order to address these issues and raise educational standards:

1. Maintained facilities

By offering the necessary basic amenities as per standards, the education sectors should encourage students to attend. It should have a big classroom with furnishings, a board, electrical fixtures, clean, sanitary restrooms, a play area and activity area, labs, and a computer lab. A student may become unmotivated to attend classes if they have all these conveniences without using or maintaining them properly. An environment for learning is created by well-maintained infrastructure.

2. Teaching abilities                

It is necessary to apply the principles of learning, unlearning, and relearning in this situation. We must move away from actual memorization and towards conceptual approaches that may engage both teachers and students. The teaching approach determines whether a subject is liked or disliked. For a better outcome, we must improve and modernise our teaching techniques.

3. Educators' abilities

By recruiting teachers at lower salaries, most institutions make quality compromises. The minds of students are stimulated to seek knowledge by their teachers, who are essential classroom components. By giving them training and new teaching resources like learning aids and digital course materials, we can raise the calibre of teachers in our classrooms. If as a student you wish to seek professional assistance you can reach out to SourceEssay experts. They use modern teaching techniques to help students clear their doubts and also assist them in completing assignments in time. Moreover, they also use ways that help students retain their interest in their favourite subjects.

A greater understanding of the student can be gained by taking appropriate and evaluative tests. When creating the evaluation instruments, which should also incorporate higher-order/critical thinking abilities, it is important to take into account individual variances.

4. Activities beyond the classroom

Students who are under pressure will be distracted from their academics and may become less interested in pursuing further education. A school should participate in a variety of extracurricular activities since they are essential to maintaining students' enthusiasm in learning. It ought to provide suitable athletic facilities and locations for cultural activities that aid in forming the students' personalities and life skills. There ought to be interschool tournaments.

5. Tools for assessment and evaluation

A clearer picture of the student can be gained by taking appropriate and summative tests. When creating the evaluation instruments, which should also incorporate higher-order/critical thinking abilities, it is important to take into account individual variances. The outcomes would allow us to assess the students' current level of learning, and by taking the required actions, we could raise the standard of education.

Final Takeaway                                       

The concept of lifelong learning will be ingrained by enhancing the educational experience provided in the classroom. The students will continue to attend the school, where they will continue to learn and develop into responsible citizens who can help improve their country.