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You watch TV, you like famous football players, basketball players. You want to compete with them. You want to challenge yourself. basketball stars is where you shine. you will get what you want. Play basketball with your idol and you will shine like them. Besides in this game, you can play two-player mode, invite friends or relatives to compete, help each other or be opponents.

How to Play:Basketball games at the 1v2 and 2v2 levels can be played with friends or alone. You may also play against a buddy. Enter tournament mode if you want to become the greatest basketball legend.
Basketball Stars stays true to the essence of the game with incredible three-pointers, alley-oops, and other scoring moves. Dart about and make some fantastic jump shots to keep your opponent on the defensive.
Choose a squad that will win the title for you in Basketball Stars since each player has a unique skill, such as a tremendous dunk, defense, or fast break.

WASD / arrow keys to move X / L to fire or stealSuper shot with K/ZTo pump, use the S / Down Key.To move: 2 players Player 1 utilizes WASD, while Player 2 uses the Arrow Keys.Shooting or stealing: Player 1 uses B, while Player 2 uses L.

How to Get Perfect Shots:

A good shot earns you two points, while a perfect shot earns you three. Following successful shots, the "On Fire" meter accelerates. You will receive additional points if the burning ball penetrates the basket while your character is on fire. Once activated, the fire meter will continue to deplete, so act swiftly before it runs out.
Swipe straight up until the meter reaches the PP level for the perfect shot. If the metre near the PP threshold and is only ten to fifteen percent off, the shot is still flawless. The examples below demonstrate how to take beautiful images at various skill levels (check the gauge to your left in every screenshot)