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MADRID is announcing on the 29th, the action Square Mobile Games' new 'blade: REA. Action' is released on its blockchain platform.

Blade: Reaction is a block based on blade IP. The Global (played, China, Mainland, Singapore, excluding South Korea, China, China, Singapore), and introduces Action Square itself game token 'Action Square (ACT2CO, tentative).

Act to can be acquired through play and can purchase game goods. In addition, it is also possible to exchange the Games token in the Death Death Death (Death Central Flower Exchange), including a Game token. Previously, the WADI has aimed at providing 100 services to 100 services by the end of next year.

Blade Show 2021 - New Hogue /USA Made Goodness

Action Square is expected to participate in the Eucalyptus Ecosystem as an informative blade: Reaction, said Gang Hymn BUK, said Gang Hymn BUK, said, I will cooperate as much as possible to build Economy, Action Square's games.

Kim Yeo-jin Action Square representative is I am very pleased to be able to introduce the blade in the P2E game, I am very pleased to be able to be recognized in the Global Market. I will do it.

Blades: Reaction is released next year.

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Trey arch Firm, previously known as Trey arch Development, is an American computer game developer, founded in 1996 by Peter Riemann as well as Logan Oslo, and acquired by Activision in 2001. Found in Santa Monica, The Golden State, it is understood for its help the Phone Call of Duty series, together with Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, and Raven Software.

After the continuous research of Wall Street Journal around the cases of labor abuse and sexual harassment in Activision, which apparently knew Bobby Kick for a long time, one of Trey arch directors who are being investigated, Dan Bunting, He has decided Renounce to his position. According to the report, Bunting sexually harassed an employee in 2017.

Sexual harassment investigations in the workplace | CASE STUDY: from first steps to termination The incident happened in 2017, but Bunting was forgiven When that happened, the case was analyzed by the human resources team in Activision. The Veteran of Call of Duty, with 18 years of experience, had, according to the same WSJ report, several sessions of therapy. It was then when it was decided that he could remain in the company.

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After considering potential actions after that investigation, the company decided not to end up with Mr. Bunting s contract, and instead, implement other disciplinary measures, pray the words of someone belonging to Activision in the same article.

It has been now that the WSJ has treated what happened at that time when Bunting has decided to resign. The resurgence of the case could be the cause of the sudden decision of the now Ex director of Trey arch, who until now has not mentioned anything in this regard publicly.

Bobby Kick has the workers of his company against, since numerous employees ask for a replacement of the company s current CEO. However, the CEO has decided to reaffirm by reacting to the last accusations of work harassment.

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Ruined King: A League of Legends Story - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch Riot Forge has announced Song of Nun: A League of Legends Story, a next title provided for 2022 set in the LOL universe. It will be available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and s, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

The title, in addition, will be developed by the Spanish study Tequila Works, in charge of titles such as Deadlift or Rime, and some team members have dedicated a few words to the new game in the video that is heading the news. The title, starring the League of Legends Champion composed of Nun and Will ump, will be an adventure for a player centered on the puzzles in which we will travel through Record s sites.

It joins Riot Games titles since they announced their expansion to games beyond LOL back by 2019, with their RPG and some still to arrive as their fighting game. The one who, in fact, has come out precisely today is Hex tech Mayhem, a ziggs-starring rhythm game available for Switch, PC and mobiles through Netflix.

Song of Nun: A League of Legends Story will come out in 2022 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and s, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam, GOG and EPIC GAMES STORE ).

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A new report from the Wall Street Journal paints a very different photo of Activision Blizzard boss Bobby Kick than the executive has actually produced himself, declaring Kick knew much sexual offense and also harassment insurance claims at his workshops. Furthermore, the report stated Kick did not alert the firm s board of directors after it got to an out-of-court negotiation with an employee that charged a former manager of rape.

Papers including memoranda as well as e-mails revealed to the Wall Street Journal reportedly indicate Kick s understanding of other accusations made against staff members within Activision Blizzard. They additionally recommend that employees required out for accusations were still openly commended and also coworkers were asked to not speak up.

The report likewise affirms that Kick endangered to kill an aide over voicemail in 2006, which an Activision spokesperson stated remained in jest. It stated he, not Activision Blizzard exec and former Shrub administration authorities Frances Townsend, was in charge of preparing a declaration on the continuous harassment and also society examination that Kick himself later on called tone-deaf. The interior declaration had actually been credited to Townsend.

ACTIVISION BOMBSHELL | WSJ - Jen Oneal, who briefly functioned as co-lead at Snowstorm, apparently emailed Activision s lawful team in which she claimed she was sexually bothered earlier in her time at the company. She also claimed a party Kick himself attended in 2007 included scantily dressed ladies [dancing] on pole dancer poles and that female workers were urged to drink even more. Oneal herself was named co-lead complying with the departure of previous Blizzard J. Allen Back, who left in the wake of claims a number of months back. Oneal just recently introduced she was leaving, as well as said the choice was the best one for her household.

In feedback to the report, that includes numerous more allegations and is available completely over, an Activision Blizzard spokesperson offered the adhering to declaration to GameS pot:

We are disappointed in the Wall Street Journal s report, which provides an incorrect and deceptive sight of Activision Blizzard and our CEO. Instances of sex-related misbehavior that were offered his focus were acted on. The WSJ neglects vital adjustments underway to make this the market s most welcoming and comprehensive work environment, and it falls short to account for the initiatives of thousands of workers who strive on a daily basis to meet their-- and our-- worth..

The statement likewise resolved what the firm is presently carrying out in the wake of the accusations.

The constant need to be far better has actually constantly set this company apart. Which is why, at Mr. Kick s direction, we have made significant improvements, consisting of a zero-tolerance policy for unsuitable conduct. As well as it is why we are progressing with undeviating focus, speed, and sources to proceed increasing variety throughout our company and industry as well as to make sure that every staff member involves function sensation valued, risk-free, revered, and influenced. We will certainly not quit till we have the very best workplace for our team..

Kick himself additionally released an interior video-- recorded on Activision Blizzard s business site-- calling the report an inaccurate and misleading view of the business as well as himself. Following this declaration s launch, the ABetterABK worker group revealed it would certainly be presenting a walkout till Kick has actually been eliminated as chief executive officer. The business s board of directors launched its own declaration, stating Kick appropriately attended to the problems. Kick himself belongs to the board of directors.

Bobby Kick has actually led Activision, later on relabelled Activision Blizzard, considering that 1991. Before the record, he consented to take a large pay cut, and the firm ended its necessary arbitration method for staff members.

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At sushi Animal Forest Very. 2.0.0 can now be enacted by Ordinance. It looks like a sober element, but this is quite useful.

In this article, we will explain how to use such an ordinance! When you look at it, it is used for subtle bylaws...?

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◆ First, let s decide which regulations!

The ordinance can be established by asking for a guidance site. If you need to go through a game to some extent, let s proceed with the development of the island if the item will not come out yet.

The following four types of regulations appearing in this work:

· Beautiful island regulations · Advanced morning · Life regulations · Economic up regulations

◆ Beautiful island regulations

Beautiful Island Ordinance is to keep the island s landscape as the name. Because weeds and trash will be furnished, it is perfect for those who are troublesome on daily island.

In addition, as an animation that lives on the island actively watered. It is good for people who want to increase the flowers, but there are too many cases that you have too much. Please be careful.

◆ Long-night life regulations

Advanced Ordinance Night Life Ordinance is Lifestyle extends for 1 hour. The store opening hours and how to hit the activity time will only be or late.

This is recommended if you want to fit the right of the Island. As the regulations themselves are thin, and the effect is thin, and if the time zone to play does not match, the clock of the main unit may be a little good.

◆ economic up regulations

The most recommended is the economic up regulations. This is an ordinance that the price of the island is rising, but the purchase price of the item also increases.

Let s verify how many prices will come. First, the dartboard of 5,200 bells is usually 6,240 bells after the regulations.

Sometimes sell at 3,000 bells Bell Hike Ken is 3,600 bells after the regulations. In other words, the price and sell value are 1.2 times.

However, please note that You can not make money if you use it...!. The regulations will be effective from the next day, and it will take 20,000 bells when changing.

So what would you use it to make use of Collecting and selling luxury goods only, It is useful to use it as an island that sells something to the friend for friends Hey.

The ordinance is that it is a good or bad, but if it is utilized, it will bring a richer life. Please take advantage of it.

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[Kids News 24 Moon Young — Sew] Nixon has earned a performance that exceeded the estimation of the 3Q09 for the third quarter of this year due to the popularity of the steadier, such as the Chinese Dungeon & Fighter and the domestic Maple Story.

Nixon is 798 billion won in sales in 3Q 2021 (about 75.9 billion yen and less than 1,51.5 won per 100 yen), operating profit of W31.3bn (about 29.8 billion yen), net profit of W398.5bn (about 37.9 billion yen) It was announced that it was recorded on 9 days.

This is because the Chinese Dungeon & Fighter and the Domestic Maple Story have been recovering sales, and steady-line games such as Fighting 4 and Sudden Attack are also a stable growth.

Nixon has recorded sales of W662.3bn (about 57.3 billion yen), an increase of 24% YoY in the third quarter PC online game. In particular, the Chinese region is a company side description that led to the reorganization of the system reorganization and content updates, which was introduced based on user feedback, based on the user feedback on the Dungeon and Fighter in accordance with the in accordance with the inauguration of the Invade in August.

Domestic maple stories are also actively in communication with the user and proceeded sequentially for the improvement of game performance. Especially, summer and Cause events have been popular and showed a fully recovered recovery that greatly laughed.

Nixon is a policy towards performance through major new work in 4Q. It is a subculture game that has been developed by the main axis of Kim Yong-ha, known as the Desktop, which is known as a successful Desktop, which is a successful Desktop, which is a successful Desktop, including North America, Taiwan, and Thailand, Korea, including North America, Taiwan, and Thailand. The pre-registration that started on the last 14 days was more than 1 million participants.

A multi-platform newly developed multi-platform-based cart rider: drift based on Cart Rider IP, which has a 380 million users, is also preparing third global testing. This test, which is conducted from December 9th to 15th, supports PCs and Xbox 1 (Xbox One), PlayStation 4 (PS4), and the technical stability of PC and console cross-play as well as the environment necessary for beginners We plan to focus on the running feeling.

Nissan posts 70% quarterly profit drop, slashes full-year outlook

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile is also aiming for the development of the end of the market in the first quarter of 2022. In an in-house test that has been conducted on the safety check for a week for a week in October, it was difficult to experience the actionability, manual combat, ear inspection, and fighting with a high level of artwork, including the new body of the job, which is difficult to experience on the mobile platform.

Nixon revealed information on AAA class masterpieces in the third quarter and raised expectations. In August, Project HP (Gaseous), who finished the pre-alpha test on the August, is a PC game that more than 30 users in the Middle Ages in the Fantasy World Veteran in the Fantasy World Veterans, which appeared by heroes faith.

I am looking forward to the expectation of Project Magnum in Net Games. Despite the unveiled information, the project Magnum trailer released on the PlayStation official YouTube last October has passed 1600,000 views in a week.

The third quarter of October, the third quarter of October, said, In the third quarter of 2021, it was possible to confirm the possibility of sustainable growth of major titles such as Maple Story and Dungeon & Fighter. In the future, I will spread a multifocal growth strategy for performance and shareholder value.

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Understanding whether you must get a television prior to Black Friday obtains a little tougher each year. With even more versions on the racks, the technology inside them ending up being extra cost-effective, and retailers launching earlier and also earlier bargains, it s a genuine minefield now. Nobody wishes to obtain a bargain currently, then see that surpassed on Black Friday, and also no one wishes to wait for the wedding day just to find that stock goes lightning fast or offers just aren t there to be had.

At Black, TVs are several of our much-loved technology, particularly when it comes to gaming on them. Consequently, the upcoming Black Friday PS5 television deals are an amazing proposal, particularly when determining whether you should get a TV before Black Friday or wait. This year, this concern appears more crucial than ever because of the new-gen gaming consoles having actually been with us for virtually 12 complete months.

We would certainly wager that there are going to be thousands of folks — those fortunate enough to have actually got a PS5 — who will certainly be seeking to make an upgrade to their display arrangement to get the full experience out of Sony s most recent console. Having stated that, even those without a PS5 yet might fancy an appearance as well as an upgrade — there s nothing like preparing beforehand. This makes getting on the hunt for the ideal PC gaming television or the finest television for PS5 and also Xbox Series X this year a much more essential process in this year s sales.

The bright side is that there are already many early Black Friday TV offers showing up — however, this can be a double-edged sword. Exercising whether to acquire a television prior to Black Friday isn t an uncomplicated no (to await the deals), or yes (to ensure you stay clear of dissatisfaction or stock scarcities).

That s where we action in — we have actually enjoyed these early price cuts come and go every year, so we re revealing you exactly when to get a television before Black Friday as well as when to await the centerpiece. It s essential to maintain a close eye on all of these sales as they launch, as it can pay to draw the trigger at just the correct time.

Nonetheless, if you re uncertain of whether you need to hold up until completion of November we would certainly suggest beginning with a few vital questions:

What s your budget? Where are you buying it from? When do you actually need it by? Are you concerned about delivery hold-ups or stock scarcities? Are you delighted to combat for a much better cost on Black Friday?

If you consider or tally up your response to these concerns, you ll probably evaluate your position regarding whether you ought to be opting for very early offers or otherwise.

And remember, if you desire a few other predictions or guidance in other locations of television offers, like the Black Friday 8K TV deals - for future proffers — or the Black Friday Samsung TV bargains - for Nestled fans — or the Black Friday LG television bargains - for OLED followers, after that have a look at those web pages for some bespoke suggestions on those TV professionals.

When to purchase a TV prior to Black Friday

Should You Wait Till Black Friday To Buy A TV in 2021

If you need it soon — or are worried about time

If you need a television today, for whatever factor, you ll likely discover a large amount or cost and also can gladly draw the trigger. The only genuine complication to this factor is supply and also delivery problems — these aspects may be enough for those that do not necessarily a television today yet wish to ensure they get it immediately and with no shock delays.

Provided the supply and also delivery difficulties we have actually seen this year, we would not resent anybody not wishing to take threat when items like Televisions will certainly go to their most preferred. We additionally just do not understand what supply will certainly resemble over the official sales, as well as in some cases retailers go back to offering you the offer price however starting distribution back by weeks. If you simply want your tech currently, as well as do not mind paying $30-$ 50/ ₤ 30- ₤ 50 even more, it might be a great suggestion to bag an early offer.

If the cost matches (or beats) previous Black Friday offers

While not an exact, clinical method, checking out previous Black Fridays and contrasting designs and their prices, can lead you to know whether to get a details TV bargain prior to Black Friday or not.

If a product has actually been around for some time and is still among the very best, after that we can examine back with time utilizing something like CamelCamelCamel, the superb price checker, and also see what its specific — or at least rough — cost was last Black Friday. If the current cost before this year s Black Friday coincides or lower, then it may pay to draw the trigger. If not, maybe hold on.

Nevertheless, where we have more recent models of products, like Televisions, after that we ll need to make use of predecessor designs and their rates. For instance, if, claim, the LG OLED G1 or OLED C1 boils down to the cost that the LG CX as well as BX were last year (or have the very same sort of percent discount), then it s possibly worth a punting that they won t go much — if any type of — reduced.

If you re a Finest Buy or Ideal Buy Total tech member

Focusing in rather specifically on one store, if you are a constant customer of Best Buy to the factor of being a Best Buy or Best Buy Total tech member then pay attention up.

Finest Buy traditionally goes a bit early with its Black Friday deals as well as 2021 has confirmed no various, however when the store did break cover in October, it included in essential information. Any type of buyer that is a My Ideal Buy or Finest Buy Total tech member and registers their acquisition will certainly be reimbursed any kind of cost distinction ought to the thing go even lower during the official Black Friday sales. This promptly implies that your back is covered — if Finest Buy is supplying this guarantee on the TV offer you re checking out, you are cost-free to go tools hot and also simply get your purchasing done. The only small downside of this is that this, normally, won t help if the product obtains a huge cost decline at various other retailers...

You desire to prevent dealing with over stock on Black Friday

On top of any type of stock shortage difficulty, or delivery hold-ups, it may be that the absolute best television deals over the Black Friday itself, as well as the weekend break that adheres to, are quickfire, lighting offers — like flash sales. These can last for as little as just a couple of hours and also are upsetting advantage of at the most effective times. There ll be limited amounts of these, so they go fast and are contested tough.

Therefore, if you can deposit any kind of frustration of finding the most effective ever before offer (which might not be by much, to be truthful) after that the early Black Friday deals are going to be worth taking into consideration to avoid this frustration and problem.

When to await Black Friday laptop offers

You can wait on your new television

Those shipping and also delivery hold-ups can play right into your hands if you do not mind waiting. With the ideal deals taking place over Black Friday weekend break, it could be that the need for items presses their delivery to you later on and later on — and also, basically, if you don t need a new TV instantly, then waiting now, paying a wonderful cost, after that awaiting delivery could be a deserving course to winning.

You re planning to go large

While not watertight, we generally see the prices of even more costs things, across all locations of technology, though especially on TVs, boiling down one of the most over Black Friday. The bigger they are, the more challenging they drop truly does apply below.

Which may be in regard to literal dimension, with this beastly 65-inch and also larger TVs having their prices greatly slashed and also coming to be a lot more inexpensive. It may additionally indicate the premium, top-tier designs, like 8K Televisions, and also those versions which pack in all the functions as well.

You want the actual most affordable cost feasible

As well as this point is without a doubt the core of the decision-making procedure. If you re after the cheapest possible cost for a thing, after that you ll need to roll the dice as well as wait on Black Friday itself, essentially neglecting the low prices prior to the wedding day. This is your best possibility at bagging the record low cost as well as getting an outright banger of a deal — a steal, possibly. Be prepared to strike quick though and also get your login and repayment details sorted ahead of time — the best costs get purchased fast.

Today s best offers

If you are looking to get your eye in, or intend to discover those very early rates, then you ll find a bunch of the most affordable prices just below.

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Xbox Game Pass is a Microsoft membership solution for video clip games and also can be utilized with the Xbox One, Xbox Collection and Windows 10. The solution grants customers access to a directory of video games of different suppliers at a single monthly membership price. The service was launched on June 1, 2017, while Xbox Live gold clients got concern on May 24. Currently, the solution has 18 million customers worldwide (as of January 2021).

10 Game Launches, 10 Halloween Events, and new Xbox Game Pass Additions

In the new week, Xbox Game pass subscribers can look forward to new games again. Absolute highlight is forza horizon 5, which is already the best new game with the best ratings of the year 2021. Xbox Game Pass — November 2021 09 . November 2021 — Football Manager 2022 (Cloud, Xbox and PC) 09 . November 2021 — Fora Horizon 5 (Standard Edition) 11 . November 2021 — Skyrim Special Edition Next-Gen update 11 . November 2021 — Grand Theft Car: San Andreas — definitive edition 11 . November 2021 — One Step FROM EDEN 12 . November 2021 — Battlefield 2042 Early Access Trial with EA Play & Ultimate In addition, the pre-load for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas — Definitive Edition and Battlefield 2042 is now possible.

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Facebook surprised us all with its change to goal: an expansion beyond social networks that bets on new technologies of connectivity and communication. But, even though his global presentation was very commented, the company of Mark Zuckerberg is forced to think another name, because Meta already exists.

A company wants $20 Million from Facebook for the Meta Trademark #shorts The creators of the first goal are taking the matter with good humor According to the middle TMZ, a new initiative related to The sale of hardware requested to register goal to name your company, an idea that you collide with The initial intentions of Zuckerberg. And, although the situation looks stressful, the creators of the first goal are taking all the matter with good humor, because they have published some videos in which they change their own name to facebook and have already warned that They will not sell the goal mark for less than 20 million dollars. A tiny figure if we talk about Facebook.

However, goal is not anyone. At least, at the moment, since the trademark has not yet been granted to any company and Facebook could continue with its initial plans according to what the authorities decide. So, Between laughter and metavers of the most curious, we will see what Zuckerberg does with his new communication and connectivity proposal, since it coincidentally joins the recent filtration of his next Oculus Quest Pro.

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Following video games, Facebook goes on with important initiatives In the sector, something we have seen with the arrival of GTA: San Andreas VR to Oculust Quest 2. Virtual reality glasses that continue to improve with a technology for We do not hit our surroundings. But, if we talk about metavers, we must also comment The last idea of ​​Xbox : the creation of 3D worlds for games such as Minecraft, Halo or Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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Call of Duty Vanguard appears this week and before you pull in the World War II virtual world war, you will definitely want to know a lot to play. Therefore, Bocw summarizes everything for you to the release date, the different times and much more in one article.

When will Call of Duty Vanguard appear?

Call of Duty: Vanguard is the latest part of the popular shooter series and puts you on the fronts of World War II. The EGO Shooter appears on 05. November for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC.

More information about the shooter :

4 0

more on the subject

Call of Duty Vanguard: These are the first info about multiplayer, zombies and warzone

At what time is Call of Duty: Vanguard be playable?

Activision has already announced a very close time when the servers will go live. Accordingly, the starting signal for the game against midnight from Thursday, the 04. On Friday, the 05th November German time.

This also shows the following Launch Trailer, which has already been published:

When does the Preload start and how big is the download?

You have slower Internet and do you want to download Vanguard in advance? Do not worry, it was thought. Because you can already on PlayStation and Xbox consoles Download the game with the following download sizes:

Playstation 5: 64.13 GB Download / 89.84 GB Required place PlayStation 4: 54.65 GB Download / 93.12 GB Required Place Xbox Series X / S: 61 GB Download / 61 GB Required Place Xbox One: 56.6 GB Download / 56.6 GB Required Place

These are the bonuses for pre-order

If you want to decide now, to pre-examine the game, then you get the following bonuses based on the selected edition.

VANGUARD Editions & Pre-Order Bonus Details - Night Raid Mastercraft Gameplay

Standard Edition The game for the chosen platform Master art plan in Bocw / WZ (Cold War / Warzone) Operator Arthur Kingsley in Bocw / WZ Skin Spirit of War in Bocw / WZ Front line weapon package Cross-Gen Edition Vanguard for PS4 and PS5 or Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S Championship plan in BOCW / WZ Operator Arthur Kingsley in Bocw / WZ Skin Spirit of War in Bocw / WZ Front line weapon package 5 hours 2xwep Ultimate Edition Vanguard for PS4 and PS5 or Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S Championship plan in BOCW / WZ Operator Arthur Kingsley in Bocw / WZ Skin Spirit of War in Bocw / WZ Front line weapon package Insert group 1 package 5 hours 2xep + 5 hours 2xwep Vanguard-Battle Pass Bundle

An overview of the current dealer is here (display) :

More news about Cod Vanguard:

CALL OF DUTY VANGUARD: The historical inspiration for Sniper Polina COD VANGUARD could become a trilogy when it goes to the authors

Call of Duty Vanguard will go to the start this week. In order for you to find your favorite characters in advance, we summarize all previously known operator of the shooter for you in an overview.

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