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Bonds: Buy a 14-day membership by using game money. A great idea if think about paying for RS gold memberships. The Sixth-Age has started: I won't spoil anything for you. However, I strongly recommend that you complete 'The World Wakes' quest before anything else. Then go to 'Missing, presumed death'.

HTML5 While HTML5 Runescape is in beta, it's going to be a huge future change to the game. The improved graphics, camerawork, draw distance, etc. are just a few advantages of this. Also, of course, switching away from Java, which is a terribly unsecure piece of software ;and)

Divination: A new skill, move south of Draynor to start. Innovating: New skill due in 2014. World-Events: Something that is related with the Sixth-Age (do the quests I mentioned to better be able to comprehend this) in which Gods fight each other in Gielinor The winner will be being determined by the players. The first was the Battle of Lumbridge which featured Zamorak v. Saradomin (Saradomin won) The other one currently taking place is that of the Bird and the Beast which is Bandos against. Armadyl (the loser of this fight dies).

This is all I can think of right now and yet, they are the majority of the major updates to the game. If you're interested in learning more about what's coming up in 2014, check out THIS Reddit thread that summarises everything that transpired this year at RuneFest 2013.

I need to upgrade mechanized weapons. For now, my weapon of choice is a BGS and it's quite embarrassing for someone with similar to me. I originally thought of going for chaotics, but drygores are falling apart and OSRS buy gold may be within my budget.