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On December 6th, 2K released new Agenda Challenges in MyTeam. One of those included acquisition challenges, which included former Grizzlies Shareef Abdur-Rahim. The new 93 OVR Abdur-Rahim Takeover Card is available in MyTeam for a limited time, and here's how you can get it.

In order to obtain the takeover of Shareef Abdur-Rahim in MyTeam, players must complete six separate agendas. These agendas include goals to be completed in one of MyTeam's various online and offline modes.
Below are the six agendas, and the rewards for each:Score 50 points with PF in a match (rewarded with Badge Reward Pack)Get 22 rebounds in a game with the Grizzlies (rewarded with the Moments Trophy Case Pack)Get 13 assists with SF in one match (rewarded with current trophy pack)Dunk 30 times with a Center in multiple games (rewarded with the Inside Scoring Bonus Pack)Win 10 games with three Grizzlies (rewarded with the Historic Trophy Pack)Earn six blocks in one match (reward is five MyTeam Tokens)As with other Moments and Takeover challenges that have dropped in the past, our recommendation is to work on the single player modes, especially Challenges and Reigns. This will allow you to accumulate stats without having to deal with the "sweat" of playing online.This challenge does mostly involve Grizzlies players, so players like Ja Morant, Glitched Ziaire Williams, and Bryant Reeves can help mark the two Grizzlies-themed challenges. Also, make sure you have a good point guard and good big men to handle that challenge. It's not easy to amass 6 blocks and 50 points in one game with PF.After completing the six challenges, players will receive 93 OVR Takeover Shareef Abdur-Rahim. This card will leave the MyTeam agenda on December 13th.
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Winter Wildcards have arrived in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, bringing tons of new content to the game!

Winter Wildcard Challenge 1 SBCYou have one week to complete the Winter Wildcards Challenge 1 SBC, so don't miss out!Start date: Friday, December 23Due Date: Friday, December 30
How to do itTo earn Svensson two rare Gold Player Packs and a Winter Wildcard Swap Token, you only need to complete one challenge.Winter Wildcard Challenge 1Up to five players from the same leagueAt least two players from the same clubAt least one rare playerAt least 14 total squad chemistry pointsBelow Retail StockX has new hard-to-find special release sneakers below retail! BrowseRewards – 1 x Two Rare Gold Player Packs, 1 x Winter Wildcard Swap Token SvenssonEstimated cost – 2,350 coins
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Electronic Arts has shared an upcoming Madden 23 title update. The update will be the game's biggest upgrade since launch, including a return to primetime and fixes for the online franchise mode. The notes also promise more fixes to the title even after the new update is released.

Madden 23's Season 2 Field used to be part of a title update known as primetime. Season 2 includes Deion Sanders' All-Madden team, Matthew Berry joins this week's term, new rewards and swag to customize your avatar and team, and the return of Most Feared. Most Feared is a Halloween-themed drop in which several cards are marked "Most Feared," a reference to how majestic and frightening certain football players are.
The title update also contains bug fixes for blocking, catching, dribbling and tackling. Title update fixes for blocking include fixing an issue where passing blocking targets would sometimes unblock rushers, and improving blocking and release logic for near-end. Title update fixes for catches include fixing several animation bugs that would prevent players from catching or catching the ball, as well as patching wide catches to catch less balls. Updated fixes to Ball Carriers and Tackles include fixing several bugs that allowed Ball Carriers to jump in the wrong direction and stay engaged during stand-up tackles. This update also updates the Stand Up Tackle indicator and fixes the Juke-Hurdle combo animation.

The upgrade will also feature several Madden 23 franchise updates, including fixes for several bugs and glitches. Major franchise updates include a fix for disconnects caused by a large number of users, a fix for CPU teams that would immediately end negotiations with players if they ran out of salary space, a fix for CPU teams not re-signing against players during a re-sign, and a fix for a bug in Playmaker A glitch where using skill points on archetypes does not add the correct stats. Updates to Face of the Franchise include a fix for a bug that prevented the calf from updating, a fix for a glitch that caused the Avatar Level and OVR rating UI containers to overlap, and the addition of an indicator in the upgrade player menu. You can get Madden coins online, click the link for more information.