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We highly suggest that you check over our Elden Ring review, particularly as it's PCGamesN Game of the Year 2022. If Soulslikes Diablo 4 Items aren't your thing it's possible to check out the Dying Light 2 review and Lost Ark review for you to explore.

In the wake of Elden Ring came Final Fantasy Origin: Stranger in Paradise that was not as successful as the success of FromSoftware. The game, however, Elden Ring shot to the top of Steam's charts as in addition to, uh... porn. The Hogwarts Legacy's Quidditch feature (of the absence of it) became the topic of conversation.

Rainbow Six Siege also returned with Operation Demon Veil, which included a stunning collection of Asian-inspired cosmetics, as well as new Operator and masked defender, Azami one of most influential characters added to the meta-game in the past two years since Mira Diablo 4 Boosting. Overall it was less tense than February (not in the sense that it's hard) but April sure made up for it.
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