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 Canon IJ printer is a comprehensive solution for multiple works which is simple to configure from ij.start.cannon and have a better experience. There is an official online support site which provides Canon guides online functions, information about the printer, and many more. What's more at the https://ijstartcan-non.com/ site is download and installation steps for Canon ij setup that is required for the complete Canon set up process. Check out other steps listed below.

 In the address bar, type ij.start.canon and then click enter. You will be brought to the homepage of the site. On the home page there will be tabs for various procedures. You must click"Set-Up" and then click the "Set Up" icon. When you click that icon, you are brought to a new screen. There you will need to enter the number of your printer model. You can type in the model number yourself or utilize the click select option that is available in the lower panel on similar page ij.start.cannon The official website of Canon as well as a secure site from which you can obtain Canon Printer Drivers. Canon printer Drivers.Canon is one of the most renowned manufacturing brands in the world in terms of products that deal with optical, industries, and products for various market segments. They offer scanners, cameras various printers as well as many other items.

 Install a Canon inkjet printer - ij.start Canon

 Follow the most popular and easy steps to start setting up your Canon ij printer, check the following:


  In the beginning, you should open your system like a computer or laptop.



  Next, connect to connect your Canon printing device to your computer via wireless or wired (If you own an wireless Canon device)



  The third step is to open a browser (default or another) and type ij.start.canon in the address search bar.



  Enter and wait for the Canon website to appear. It will show you different ways to proceed.



  Select the Configure option and open a new window that will ask for an identification number.



  Enter your Canon model's serial number. click Enter then install the setup.



  Where can you find your Canon print model's model code?



  The front or the top of the Canon printer to identify the model's number. Once you have this information, go to ij.start Canon and type this number here.


 Download the Canon Printer Drivers

 In the most current Canon version, there isn't any CDs, however, if you have the older model, you can download the CD, otherwise, find the complete download instructions through ij.start canon for Canon driver download from the following procedure.


  Set up the Canon printer and then open an internet browser on your device.



  Visit the ij.start.cannon website and provide the Canon models number, if asked.



  You may also choose from choices at the bottom, then click "click this link" from the menu.



  Start downloading Canon drivers and software from the same https://ijstartcan-non.com/ page.



  Now, double click on the software and install for the Canon product.



  An Installation Complete guide to Canon IJ Setup


 Follow the below guide and install your Canon printer;


  Download software - Visit ij.start.canon and download the Canon driver.



  Choose connection type and install - Double-tap on file and choose wireless or USB connection.



  Switch ON the Canon printer. Press the button to turn ON the printer.



  Connect WiFi – On a wireless connection, hold and press the WiFI alarm until it connects.



  The lamps are flashing green and blue - If you find this issue, it's likely the printer is connected to WiFi.



  I agree with the conditions to install and install. Read and accept the terms of license that Canon created in order to install.



  Close the Canon Printer Setup Make sure you tap on Finish to complete the last step.


 Setting Up Canon IJ Printer With USB

 If you are unable to locate your Canon printer after you have visited official websites or other sites alternative sites, you may use USB to connect the Canon IJ printer. Or you can also visit https://ijstartcan-non.com/ for taking help;


  You must have an USB cable.



  From the web browser, go to the ij.start canon site and click connect to the network via USB.



  Next, wait to see Canon software program to establish a connection between your printer to PC by using an USB cable.



  Hit Next and get the driver to your printer. decide if you'd like to connect your printer to a particular network.



  After that, tap YES, and then press the Complete button. You will then be able to jump to Add printer option.



  Tap Add and get drivers from ij.start.canon site.



  Now, go to Device settings Then, select LAN settings and select the connection.



  Download Canon drivers, cartridges for inkjet printing and test the connections to your device.



  Configure your Canon printer , and Try printing.


 Canon ij Setup:

 Get started with Canon printer setup using the instructions of ij.start.canon website. Explore and discover the best and simple steps to set up Canon printer hardware download as well as install Canon IJ setup. The site is based off the operating system of the computer where you will find an online instruction manual and guide. Use the wired or wireless connector to attach the Canon printer with Wi-Fi and router and router. Once you have set up the printer's hardware, and run the Canon software. You can now print.