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Why is content from OSRS gold?

Is content from RS3? Is this a choice as it's a player-driven choice since you have info that the content was enjoyed more time efficient not to remake content completely from scratch, or something else? Can you please speak about that which information has driven management to the stance that HD graphics for OSRS are not even worth? I believe that you have data from the original HD launching that shows it wasn't worth the investment (time spent graphics vs participant attraction/retention) but that's an assumption on my part.

Is Jagex currently contemplating creating & distributing an upgraded game client, or are you really pleased allowing third party developers to take on this and catch the market? How are decisions made when it comes to long-term business approaches for RuneScape (instead of what we have seen with project-based content development)? The two for you as a part of direction, and for the business as a whole.

What do you find as the long term company strategy for RuneScape? Together with the stance of not incorporating MTX, there needs to be a strategy to keep your playerbase and also attract new players. We haven't heard because, although we've seen mobile that has appeared to be a change. It appears all focus was on enhancing player experience that is brand new, but I am expecting to hear you speak about a long term & driven goal.

What content are you referring to as recycled? Most of those are out of rs2 not RS3. I know the argument but nevertheless, get your facts straight. These examples are just incredibly silly. How can you avoid that when the two games are basically the same, and the energy of items can only progress upward? This BiS maul? Oh, it is obviously the maul although not looking anything like this. Inferno is the kiln. Despite being different. Then things like D claws were something that the community wanted to see reunite. Ultimately code they have to model and equilibrium everything out of scratch.

I wonder what their reasoning is for phasing out the voting system? The poll that was meaningful was regarding comp cape buy old school runescape gold rework, other than that it's been polls about artwork layout and pets. I'm legally curious as to why they wish to eliminate the voting structure and instead have players"talk loudly" about exactly what they wish to see rather.

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By Kin Gang
Added Aug 17 '20



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