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The end of the day enjoying laughing that is / is winning and it's a game and rankings up. Going back to the first point you dont need to play in the'hood and just instead Raps v Bucks sport to ball just like you are actually at the league and to face'real' 2k21 mt xbox one players and teams rather than plays. Build improved relationships + in turn more exp and pleasure and joint games with my career/rep comprised with a friend or two to bring buddies togethers.Petition to let Takeover Alter in Mycareer, not in 2K21 we want it Today

Everyone asked that for all. This subreddit is a bubble compared to the actual world. Do not be a fool boy. Plus 2K patches anyways in NBA 2K21. But at first, they always release a half game. Like in convention. Thing is, it's not like they don't care about the people here and cares about the youtbers. Nah. It's only, any or reddit of these threads do not make shit for 2K. Ya know? However, their movies, Youtubers and the streamers make 2K hence and marketable. They earn more profit.

Chris Smoove is the OG, but there is just streamers and a lot of 2K youtbers now. 2K, like anything else on the planet. Is a company. They have to create also the more, and profit. The better. Reddit does not make them any gain. Streamers, Youtubers, and all of them boys do. Even though a lot of them are children and only cancerous. Views are views. 2K makes much profit off of it, like any other matches also. Check out Fortnite. It wouldn't be what it is now, without youtubers and the streamers. especially Ninja. They just globalize the item, and the item will obviously give them special attention.

Much like Instagram. Instagram PAYS all the famous and rich individuals, to simply use their platform and also keep on posting shit. Some people get paid thousands or even a thousand, just. That is how the real world works. Only business. Its not that youtubers made how to buy mt nba 2k21 great, although you saying 2K cares for profit. 2K is the only Basketball game we have to choose from. Every bball head using a System is going to receive 2K no matter how great or poor YT's support NBA 2K21. Reddit was there before twitter,Facebook,Youtube and twitch as a platform to speak our thoughts. Im sure 2K is aware of it.

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The Wall

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By Kin Gang
Added Aug 14 '20



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