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There is no doubt that RPG game fans will keep in mind the release date of Path of Exile 2 until it is revealed. We are no stranger to Grinding Gear Games launching the Path of Exile update with numbers. GGG has done its job well and filled the POE with new content. The game can be kept fresh with new challenge alliances, POE Currency loot and skill tree updates.

Usually, the New Zealand-based developer keeps up with new expansions every three months, which is impressive. However, major updates like Path of Exile 2 are exciting. GGG has the opportunity to introduce greater changes that will really change the game’s landscape. We should also get a suffocating big story and build new classes to build PoE.

However, since various information is scattered on the Internet, it may take a lot of work to pay close attention to the new version. To make the operation easier, we will summarize all the information here. Therefore, this is the release date, beta version, gameplay and other content of Path of Exile 2 we found.

It is currently speculated that the release date of Path of Exile 2 is 2021. We know that "Grinding Gear Games hopes to release the beta version of the game before the end of 2020, but due to some force majeure factors, the release time of the game has been delayed. However, the good news is that expansion in both quarters of this year is expected to take place in September and December.

New exiles will receive a new set of promotion categories for selection. We will also get an improved skill system that will allow you to insert auxiliary POE Orbs directly into skill gems, which will make your character easier to build while maintaining the previous depth.

The new seven-act battle is planned 20 years after Kitava's death and will be provided with the POE battle-both storylines are drawn from the same endgame content. PoE 2 will contain all the expanded content in the game over the years, while improving the engine and adding many new features. Although poe2 has not yet arrived, the new alliance harvest alliance released last month is also very interesting. I played for a while. My biggest experience is that Path of Exile Currency is too important. I have obtained POE Trade Currency in the game. Purchased on the website. In short, this has always been indispensable to me.

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