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Armor, gloves, or legs - When you OSRS GP purchase your chest piece you should start using Leather Armor. Once you've reached level 20 for Ranged/Defense you could switch to Studded Leather, and at level 30 , you are able to wear Snakeskin Armor. After that from level 40 you will be able to wear D'hides. For green which is weakest it is necessary to complete the Dragon Slayer quest.

If you don't want to go through with it, just wait until level 50 and put on Blue D'hide. In the next 10 levels, you can switch to the next levels which are red and black. If you're willing to pay at 70 Ranged/Defence you can begin to wear Armadyl which is one of the top Range gears that you can find. Also, the best is the cost as you will need to pay close to 100mil just for the full set. When it comes to gloves you must wear the most appropriate Vambraces you have the option of putting on. If you've completed the Recipe for Disaster quest you may also acquire Barrows gloves, which are the most effective in the slot.

Cape Ava's device is the best choice as it can significantly increase your ranged stats, and also take advantage of weapons, such as bolts, arrows and weapons. You can unlock it via Animal Magnetism quest. Before 50 Ranged you will get Ava's Attractor which can be upgraded at Ava NPC in Ava's Accumulator. When you have completed Dragonslayer 2 quest you can receive Ava's Attacker which is the most powerful Ranged cape slot item in the game.

Helmet - In the beginning it is recommended to begin with Cowl which you can replace at level 10 with Coif. At level 30 use Snakeskin Bandana. At 45, you can put on Archers Helm. However, it does need some quests before you can do that.

The next stop is level 70, which is old school rs gold occupied by Karil Coif which has the potential to degrade as an item of equipment. Also, you can aim at one of the Armadyl Helmet which is more expensive , but doesn't need repairs. Make sure you wear an imbued Slayer Helmet if working on the Slayer task , which is better than the other helmets that is listed.

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