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The Causes of oxidation blackening of copper conductors

Several causes of oxidation blackening of wires and cables that are most likely to be ignored:

1. Improper handling of cable joints

The sealing of the cable joint is not well packaged, resulting in air intrusion into the copper conductor and blackening. When packaging the cable head, most masters will directly seal it with insulating tape. In fact, the insulating tape is not waterproof, and there is a layer of glue on it, which will also make the cable blacken over time.

2. Damp insulation

This situation is also very common, which usually occurs at the cable joint. If the cable joint is not qualified or made under humid climate conditions, the joint will be filled with water or mixed with water vapor, and the cable will blacken over time.

3. Construction and installation

Some users do not conduct standardized construction when laying and installing cables, which is easy to cause mechanical damage; If the copper conductor of the cable is partially damaged, it will be oxidized and blackened if it is damp underground or exposed for a long time.

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