EU and US players can enjoy the fun of Lost Ark after February 2022 from Millsonadam's blog

According to official sources, the MMOARPG named Lost Ark, developed by the well-known South Korean game studio Smilegate RPG, will be open to European and American players in mid-February 2022, and the publisher will be Amazon Games.

Lost Ark was released in South Korea as early as November 2018, and subsequently opened the Japanese and Russian servers. With its excellent game quality and interesting gameplay, it has attracted millions of registered users. There are a large number of active players playing this game every day. game. In order to expand the game's influence among European and American players, Amazon showed the latest trailer of the game at The Game Awards. In the trailer, the fast-paced battles and post-apocalyptic environments are impressive, and even players who have never been exposed to such games are easily attracted.

The vice president of Amazon Games said at the press conference that they are happy to announce the release date of the game, because they can show this game to more players and enable them to experience the exciting aspects of the game firsthand. Fighting and amazing fantasy time. Everything will be open to players in February 2022, and Amazon Games believes that every player can get their own gaming experience. In order to obtain a better quality of life in the game, a large amount of Lost Ark Gold is indispensable, and as the most reliable third-party game service seller, can provide you with effective help in this regard.

The story of the game takes place in a war-torn world. In order to survive, players need to find Lost Ark. During the adventure, players can discover unimaginable wonders in every corner of the map, such as cities, bunkers and catacombs. There are 15 different classes in the game, each with a unique combination of skills and combat system, you can choose at will. If your combat skill reaches a certain level, you can also use the Tripod skill system to select and enhance the traits of a combat skill.

As a game that perfectly integrates MMO and ARPG, Lost Ark is very worthy of praise from players. Whether it is beautiful graphics or multifarious gameplay modes, it is enough to arouse the interest of players, which is not too difficult for a game that has won six awards in the Korea Game Awards. But for players, it takes a lot of Lost Ark Gold to quickly level up and strengthen all gears in the game. Buying Lost Ark Gold at MMOWTS is the most effective solution and it is worth your try.

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