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In New World, the characters created by players only differ in gender and appearance, but there is no distinction of class, because the concept of class does not exist in the game. What skills a player can use depends entirely on the type of weapon the player is currently using. There are many types of weapons in the game and each weapon has a unique skill tree. If you want to know which weapon combination is better, please continue reading this guide.

Want to be a ranged DPS? Musket & Rapier is an excellent choice

The musket and rapier combination is just about the first and oldest that players discovered and coded in New World. These weapons have already been available since beta, and despite some minor tweaks in recent patches, they remain this is the same as a result of the Talent Trees. The New World Coins Attributes that determine a character's skill with your weapons depend on both Dexterity as being a primary score and Intelligence being a secondary one, which streamlines the leveling process.
The interest in this combination can also be due to how straightforward it's. No matter what Talent Tree is employed for either of such weapons, every role is often a variation on damage per second, or DPS rating, making it easier to understand different builds.

Warhammer, Sword and Shield forces you to an unstoppable warrior

Players that value Strength for an Attribute rather than Intelligence can transport these impressive weapons. This build forgoes ranged damage abilities, but such a role is a lot more about PvP and party-based content like Expeditions and Corrupted Invasions, therefore it is a fair trade.
As with lots of of the ideal combinations, both of those weapons share precisely the same primary Attribute scores. The Warhammer could be the more efficient from the two, relying only on Strength with out other score. Sword and shield proficiency also will depend on Dexterity like a secondary Attribute score.

Want to aid and heal your teammate? Use Life Staff, Void Gauntlet

The only healing weapon in New World can also be the sole beneficiary from the Focus Attribute score. This is why the mixture with the Life Staff is gonna be one from the more tricky to determine. However, a higher Focus skill does mean improved mana recovery and spellcasting rates, in order that it makes sense to equip another magical item to be a secondary weapon.
The Void Gauntlet, a brand new entry to the New World armory, fits nicely here. It's the first weapon hanging around that New World Gold scales with both Intelligence and Focus. The Ice Gaunlet can also be a fair choice but that weapon is much more about crowd control (CC) instead of DPS in support of uses Intelligence becasue it is main Attribute, therefore the choice depends entirely on the character's unique build.

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