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At this time of year, when Dun Murough and Durotar have a special group of goblins and a bearded man come to this city to celebrate Christmas in Azeroth. You can find a new character in these two cities, he is called the great Great Father Winter, a Dwarf or an Orc, the specific title depends on the WOW Classic TBC Gold faction you belong to. There are several green fairies beside him, working at the Snoweywood Pastures.

The following article will give you a brief introduction to some of the contents of the feast of the Winter Veil Festival in World of Warcraft.

However, this year's World of Warcraft Winter Veil Feast's activities are completely different. There are now three different versions of the Winter Veil Feast for Classic SoM, TBC Classic and Shadowlands. According to the current situation, there is not much difference between Classic SoM or TBC. However, the retail version has more features.

However, no matter which version of World of Warcraft you are playing, some of the core content of the Winter Feast Veil event is almost the same. When you play these versions, you will get some almost the same tasks. But MerryMaker's achievements still have a long way to go in retail.

The WOW Winter Veil Feast will start on December 16 and end on December 31 at the end of the month. During this time, you can complete this holiday mission and get many good things. The most important thing is that you can get free gifts under the Christmas tree on December 25.

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