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Scot Lane, game director of New World, discussed the turbulent beginnings of the MMO and the team's future plans.

More than two months ago, New World ushered in its release date. In the process, it has a ridiculously high number of concurrent players, reaching a peak of 913,000. Of course, along with its high popularity, several bugs and loopholes appeared in the game. The New World Coins game team also intervened quickly and shut down these issues, as well as some emergency solutions to disable transactions and rollback servers.

Since the launch of New World, the active player base of the game has decreased a lot, but Amazon Games has been working hard to deal with these unforeseen problems, and the player feedback they attach great importance to, and they are also focusing on adding new content and expanding the world of MMO . In mid-November, a major update after the game's release, Into The Void, has been logged into the game, and there are more plans in the coming months, including the New World Winter Festival.

Moreover, according to New World's current game content and game quality, it is already very good. Its game graphics are very exquisite, and the game equipment has a variety of shapes, which meets the needs of those game quality parties and role modeling parties. The degree of freedom of the game in New World is also ridiculously high. What you can experience in a general MMO can also be experienced in New World. In addition to some content that you can't experience in other MMO games, you can also get a good experience in New World. For example, you don't even need to kill any enemy to upgrade to level 60!

After the update of Into The Void, Scot Lane stated that this was a learning experience for them, and they maintained a humble attitude towards New World's response. They also recognize the importance of quick response, and they have been working hard to solve the problem as soon as possible. Scot believes that they were too focused on solving problems earlier, and did not do a good job in communicating with players. They will work harder and pay more attention to it.

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