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Much like the two Mut 22 coins previous installments, players start off with two College Football Playoff games, regardless of which college you choose to attend. You were required to play an entire high school season in previous installments. This resulted in repetition. After you have played the two College Football Playoff matches, this is the year to play. The Scouting Combine is not for you.

The result is still a top draft pick, but there's little rationale to it. For instance, my friend was a quarterback and was selected with the top pick by the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars have Trevor Lawrence already on the roster, why would the Jaguars choose another signal-caller? I'd prefer a bit more logic from the game regarding the selection process. Although "Face of the Franchise" is certainly superior and more entertaining, I believe it will be more enjoyable and real as other franchises in sports gaming.

Sorting the NFL Week 3 Pile: Steelers, Colts look like teams that may begin to panic in the early hours

Three weeks into the NFL season, we're starting to see a some clarity regarding various teams. Sure, we have no idea about some teams that aren't the Saints and Pats remain absolute mystery -- and some teams such as Jacksonville and the two New York teams -- are plainly terrible.

Some teams considered themselves as fringe candidates for the playoffs, things are moving swiftly. When you're in a state of panic and tense, there's no time to be a spectator and soak in the views. But, anyone who's struggling with more than 1-2 symptoms should grab a brown bag and get ready to breath heavily.

There are groups that cheap madden coins need to be thinking of panicking. Let's review a few instances and evaluate them on a 1-10 scale of terror.

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