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Well, if you are someone playing Divinity Original Sin 2 for the first time, you will have some problems because the game is not easy to play. But don't worry; we will give you Divinity Original Sin 2 Walkthrough of Troubled Waters will help you to explore the game quickly and will assist you in making progress in the game.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Walkthrough Troubled Waters :

You start the game as a prisoner on a ship that is going to fort joy. Talk with Magister Siwan, who will get you in the ship's manifest. Analyze the starting area if you're fresh to the game and need to know what the game is; otherwise, bypass it and carry on.

Once you go upstairs, open the closest gate where you'll discover proof of a murder. Talk to Magister Waters in the room having the body, and decide to support the case. Go into the central place of the ship and steal the Greasy Key and unlock the door after it to come into the kitchen and gain some loot. Read the recipe list in the kitchen to get some recipes.

After That, talk to Magister Payde, close to the left, locked door; he will allow you in. Meet the crowd, which will have Windego confessing to the murder, then cast Source, destroying the area and fleeing.

Loot the chest after the tables. After that, go upstairs and use the water cask to water the fire at the main door, then go through the door. Loot the area to obtain some gentle equipment advancements; Use the flames on the righter side and do a Hydrosophist skill to soak the fire. Loot Medwyn to receive a Skull-Marked Key. Use the key to open the door in the middle, and you will see Deathfog there.

Turn around and go upstairs, where your first actual fight will start. Moisten the poison with fire (you can get a scroll of fire from the Magister in front of you if you dont have a fire attack) or skip it and loot the body to get Team, which will give you the Staff of Magus skill.

Once the Void Hatchlings are carried out, come to the lifeboat and agree to go downstairs to inspect for remaining survivors; take the ladder and go for the primary open area where you will have to take another fight, But this time you will have help. Just after the Hatchlings are finished, the others will rush upstairs. Support Magister Siwain if you want to or kill him; it's your choice, or lead him upstairs where Kraken will be seen. Either way, the ship will be demolished, and you'll go to Fort Joy Beach.


The game is not that hard, but if you have Divinity Original Sin 2 Walkthrough of troubled waters will help you understand the game better. Troubled waters are the first phase of the game, so it will help you start the game perfectly, and after learning this, all other phases will be easy for you.

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