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Are you someone who wants to save some money? Well, you know salon is very costly these days, and you can save your money by just learning How To Cut Boys Hair at Home. Well, don't look anywhere; we are here with the tutorial on How to cut your boy's hair at home.

Tools You need to cut Boy Hair At Home:

Comb: You will need a comb, so a simple comb should be handy to make the cutting process smoother.

Towels: You will need two towels, one wrapped around your boy's neck and another on the floor to catch excess hair.

Shaving Kit: A shaving kit is an essential thing to have; you need a good shaving kit for a smooth haircut.

Now you have all the tools handy, let's start the hair-cutting process.

How To Cut Boys Hair:First Step: Prepare the Hair Cutting Area

Mostly we cut boys' hair in the bathroom. Cutting in the bathroom makes cleaning easy. Be ready with a chair, a few towels with a comb, and your shaving kit.

Most boys don't sit still in one place for a long, so we will recommend getting in a phone for some entertainment. Start some songs or a show that your boy loves.

Second Step:

After the setup is ready, start combing his hair with a comb. Make sure there are no tangles left. Then attach the guard on your razor. Start with the biggest one. Then apply a few drops of oil on the razor for a smooth cut, and no split ends.

Third Step: Start The Haircut from the Top

Start by cutting from the top first. We like to maintain the hair up top a little more thick, and that's why we used the biggest guard first.

Do it slowly; don't rush things. You can still cut off more hair later if you want to, but you can't add hair back. When you have done the top, go for the next step.

Fourth Step :

When you're prepared to go on to the sides, back, and bottom, add the next biggest guard and start the work. Do the exact procedure you did for the top hair. Use your judgment and cut the hair. After doing it for some time, it will be so easy for you.

Last Step:

Now, you need to trim the hair off the neck and sideburns. Just grab a small trimmer and clean your neck, then do the sideburns. Now it's up to you how clean you want. After this, your haircut is done. Now clean the bathroom, and your first by haircut is successfully done.


Salo is taking so much money from you, so just do your boy's haircut at home. You got to know How To Cut Boys Hair at Home in this article. So next time avoid the salon and give your boy a haircut at home. Share with your friends who also want to cut their hair at home and comment on how your first haircut goes

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