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High Precision Automatic Gear Grinding Machine Woodworking Band Saw Blade Grinding Machine MF1107

Carbide-tipped band saw blades are finding more and more applications in the metal-cutting industry. They are mainly distinguished by their small dimensions in relation to the often oversized pieces that need to be cut down. The advantage of carbide-tipped bandsaw blades for cutting metal lies in the very narrow cutting channel and the small machining losses.Get more news about Band Saw Blade Grinder Machine,you can vist our website!

In carbide-tipped bandsaws, small carbide pieces are welded onto a special carrier material that is highly resistant to various forces and stresses, even at high cutting speeds. Through fine grinding, the teeth obtain their vertical geometries, which depends on the material to be cut. The effective use of bandsaws for cutting metal requires maximum precision in the tooth geometry. That's a fact – and we know it. That's why, at VOLLMER, we have tried-and-tested solutions that have been specially developed and constructed for these requirements: For grinding tooth tops, straight tooth faces and clearance surfaces on both sides.

And in the last 100 years, we have not just focused on machines, but also on the people who operate them. In order to make work as easy, safe and pleasant as possible, we abide by the VOLLMER operating concept: Intuitive and logical.
The machine can only be grinded the equally spaced saw blade.
1. The machine is a small grinding machine, whose telescopic rod is 2 meters long and the length of saw blade can only be grinded to about 4 meters.
2. The minimum grinding is 5mm, the maximum grinding is 50mm, and the motor power is 220V 250W. The sawtooth spacing is 2-25mm.
3. Can grind bimetal band saw blade, alloy band saw blade, manganese steel saw blade, saw blade of sawing machine

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