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The latest impressive wow tbc classic gold feat is being announced to World of Warcraft, as Reddit user TheSlapperfish revealed that their Goblin Hunter Nobb has hit milestone 50 without ever leaving Kezan. Although it'sn't quite the same as a peace-loving monk, their goal is equally noble . Never leaving Kezan will ensure that the city does not collapse, which helps preserve the lifestyle of the majority of Goblins. According to TheSlapperfish Their method is grinding Tunneling Worms in Kezan until they stopped providing players wit... more
If you are still busy in the chaotic quests and feel that the leveling speed is too slow, then it is highly recommended that you remember the key information introduced in this article. After reading this article, you will understand how to conduct multiple quests at the same time in the most effective way to quickly gain a lot of experience and save time. Before you start the quick leveling process, please pay attention to the level of the character. If your level has exceeded the requirements in the article, you can even skip some ... more
When the players of World of Warcraft Classic finally ushered in the expansion of Burning Crusade Classic, they are of course the most happy with more new content and new questlines. In fact, the game's development team also Buy WOW TBC Gold introduced a more subtle change. Before TBC Classic, players could only see the nameplate of enemies or friendly creatures at close range, because this value is around 20 in World of Warcraft Classic. Many players feel that this feeling is not good and feedback this problem in the game community,... more