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If you are still busy in the chaotic quests and feel that the leveling speed is too slow, then it is highly recommended that you remember the key information introduced in this article. After reading this article, you will understand how to conduct multiple quests at the same time in the most effective way to quickly gain a lot of experience and save time. Before you start the quick leveling process, please pay attention to the level of the character. If your level has exceeded the requirements in the article, you can even skip some quests to further speed up. Therefore, if you want to quickly complete all the quests in the process, you'd better raise the level to above 60 through running dungeons and other methods in advance.

In addition, you need to pay attention to that, in convenient circumstances, you may kill all the monsters you encounter on the road, and they can provide you with an unexpected amount of XP. This allows you to directly follow the best path and accept all the tasks described in the guide. If you need a lot of XP from the next level, killing monsters may not be enough. It is recommended that you join an efficient dungeon team to gain WOW TBC Gold XP quickly. In addition, you can also try to accept the nearest quest first, they can usually provide you with enough XP to level up your character. After doing all this and reaching the level required by the task, please continue to follow the best route.

Because there are many different areas in the game and each area has a suggested best route, please refer to this guide according to your area. It is worth noting that quests that involve killing specific targets may take you some time, because some servers have too many populations so you may need to compete with other players for the target. If you want to avoid this kind of competition, it is recommended that you use the other methods described above to gain extra XP to level up.
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The following tips can be of great help to you, please keep these points in mind:
If you have not installed other plugins for the client before, please install quest helper add-ons as suggested. These plug-ins can let you clearly know the next target location or which direction the NPC is in, and you can even reach the specific coordinate position directly.
When your level increases, return to your main city as soon as possible to train your new skills or upgrade other skills. This allows you to kill monsters more quickly and clear all obstacles on the road.
Please complete the quests in the best order, otherwise your WOW Classic TBC Gold quest path may break. Because some of the items required by the quests are obtained from the pre-quest.
If your hp and mp are in a healthy state, try to kill all the mobs you encounter on the road as much as possible.

If you want to become stronger, they cannot do without a large amount of WOW TBC Gold. Because gold is the main currency in the game, it can be used to buy gears and other useful items that make the character powerful. If you feel that there is not enough time to accumulate TBC Classic Gold, you can Buy WOW TBC Gold from MMOWTS.

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