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China's regulation on chaotic entertainment industry 'will not affect normal exchanges with any country

Facing concerns from South Korea over whether the recent regulations on distorted "fan circle" culture and chaotic entertainment industry "deliberately targeted South Korea," the spokesman of the Chinese Embassy in South Korea clarified China's position on Wednesday, stressing that all the efforts are aimed at celebrities or fans who violate moral conduct and Chinese laws and it will not affect normal exchanges between China and any other country.To get more chinese entertainment news, you can visit shine news official website.

As the Cyberspace Administration of China issued heightened measures on August 27 to crack down on the unhealthy online fan culture and reduce extreme idol worshipping by underage fans, media outlets in South Korea worried that China's new strict regulations will have a big impact on the country's entertainment industry, because China is one of the biggest sources of revenue for major Korean entertainment companies.

Such worries escalated when China's major social media platform, Sina Weibo, announced on September 5 that it had banned for 60 days a South Korean boy band BTS' fan club account for illegal fundraising. Weibo announced 12 hours later that it had proceeded to block 21 other Chinese fan group accounts of for 30 days.

The spokesman said in a statement published on Wednesday that recently, there have been frequent incidents of moral lapses and violations of laws involving Chinese celebrities, such as tax fraud, sexual assault, and drug abuse. For example, a famous foreign singer was arrested by the police on suspicion of rape, and an actor's repeated visits to Japan's notorious Yasukuni Shrine were boycotted by the Chinese public. In both cases, the spokesperson referred to Canadian Singer Kris Wu and actor Zhang Zhehan.

The spokesman pointed out that the problem of sick "fan circle" culture in the Chinese entertainment industry is becoming increasingly prominent, with various fan bases abusing and slandering each other, engaging in malicious marketing, and even forcing fans, including minors, to raise funds to support such acts.

"These types of behavior spread a lot of harmful information to the society, causing a huge negative impact on the fan circle, mainly young people, and some even violate the law, which seriously hinders the healthy development of the entertainment industry," the spokesman said.

In response to such a negative phenomenon, the relevant Chinese authorities have urgently issued prohibitive and punitive measures to regulate entertainers' malicious marketing and encourage healthy consumption, launching a series of special actions focusing on the rectification of abnormal culture in the entertainment industry and the chaotic "fan circle."

The spokesperson noted that China and South Korea have learned from each other through thousands of years of exchanges and have formed profound historical and cultural ties.

"This is the launch year of the 'China-South Korea Cultural Exchange Year,' and the year 2022 will mark the 30th anniversary of China-South Korea diplomatic relations, to further strengthen friendly bilateral cooperation which conforms to the trend of the times, conforms to the people, and serves the fundamental interests of both sides," the spokesperson said, stressing that China will readily continue to strengthen cultural exchanges with the South Korea, encourage positive cultural exchanges and cooperation, while rejecting vulgarity and vulgar comparisons.

"We hope that cultural exchanges between the two countries will become an inexhaustible driving force for the development of the China-South Korea bilateral relationship in the new era and play a positive role in boosting inter-personal bonds," the spokesperson said.

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