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CryptoCapitalFX Review: Cryptocapitalfx Crappy Forex Broker Scam Exposed

CryptoCapitalFX ( is a brutal Forex broker that must be exposed for the scam they are. Crypto Capital FX has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, mainly scamming members. Complaints have been sent to us via emails detailing how members are losing with CryptoCapital FX. This is why we decided to conduct a thorough investigation regarding CRYPTOCAPITALFX. Read this detailed and honest review to find out more.To get more news about crypto capital fx, you can visit official website.

What scammers do is come up with a product or service that will at first glance appear real. These scammers are no different as they have used the same tricks used in almost every Forex scam. This includes having to come up with a homepage that easily appeals to the eye. Folks, don’t let this fool you as there’s more than meets the eye. Here, we will reveal the dirty tricks used by these scammers.

Claims and promises are another must have recipe in the hands of fraudsters. CryptoCapitalFX is guaranteeing users a safe and easy way to make money. Is it really easy to make money with CryptoCapitalFX? Read this whole review as we have lined up all the dirty tricks used by these scammers. In order to protect the good Forex trading name, scams such as Crypto Capital FX must be exposed.

At all times sign up with Forex Brokers that are Tested and Trusted. This ensures that all your trading experience will be Comfortable and Convenient. Get Real and Recognized Forex Brokers that are recommended by the trading community. Best way to make realistic profit margins is by signing up with Dependable and Genuine Forex brokers. Sign up today and start making money with Forex trading.This is always a good question to ask before signing up with any Forex Broker. A user must at all times know who they are entrusting their money to. Why join a broker that you don’t know who it’s affiliated with? According to the disclaimer at the footer of the homepage, CryptoCapitalFX is owned by Eternity Capital Management LTD. They have listed 346/17 as their license number.

What they also put in is that this broker is located in Makariou, Nicosia. Folks, never trust everything that you read. This is probably an offshore broker who is trying to make the platform appear legit. For all we know, this is an offshore broker due to the way they transact their business. And it’s a fact that offshore brokers are notoriously known to flaunt ruled and regulations.
This brokerage firm is not licensed or regulated anywhere on the face of the planet. What this means is that they are not authorized to conduct any Forex transactions. Why then would they put up a licensing number at their homepage? Folks, this is a ploy that scammers use to try and legitimize their platform. Registration number does not follow the algorithm used by the licensing authorities.

What this means is that whoever signs up with this broker is giving out money to an unauthorized broker. This is risky business since no one will help you recover money in case of closure. Sure, once these fraudsters sign up as many people as they can, they will surely close down this scam. If they don’t word has already reached the authorities and soon, the site will shut down.One sad factor with CryptoCapitalFX is that they don’t have a live chat support team. With this day and modern technology, you would expect one. Least thing Crypto Capital FX would have used is have a bot. This is not encouraged although it would have been a good thing to have. What this sum up to is the fact that owners don’t want to be contacted. If you haven’t noticed yet, there’s no contact information at the bottom of the homepage.

A broker that has no live chat support is not worth your time. This means that they can easily decide not to answer any queries sent to them. And this is why we are against users signing up with CryptoCapital FX. Their email response time is also worth mentioning to be crappy. What we did was send an email asking what’s the minimum required deposit. To this day, we haven’t received any feedback.

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