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A standard 3:1 ratio is acceptable. Fill inv+tort until you only have 2 free inv spaces. Fill that space with some disposable food such as shark as they'll be replaced with crystals. I'll also be filling a Tort with RS gold brews before entering. Any other suggestions. Use resizable to view more of the screen. Dreadnips are the best for opponents with high defense and HP, such as the large jads and mages. Mage jads will not bother you if they don't be afraid to face their attacks.

The wave 35 jad can't be moved, so even if you suck at prayer switching , you'll need to complete it at least one jad. Smokey's strategy of standing to the west and walking to the jad isn't necessarily necessary. Stand on NE side of the rock and utilize invulnerability crystals instantly.

Make jad attack you once, so you can place a dagger on it, and then attack the meleer with a mage. In the end, jad will be the only thing to strike you. Haraken's head will only appear on the W,E,and S sides.

I have successfully done successfully completed the Slayer challenge. It's not necessary to learn any more tips. So, I accepted Sumona's challenge and killed the famous Kalphite Queen. The click on my picture will show my statistics, to help you remember.

Full void gear + Mage helm, amulet as well as a ring of slaying the classic cape. Forumers, I'd like some suggestions and feedback about how I could best go about this endeavor without failure.

Okay everyone, get ready with your down-votes because I have a second problem to ask... I have one of those Treasure chests that came from Carnillean Rising, as I'm sure many of you do as well. It's been sitting in my bank since I've completed the quest since I'm not quite sure the mechanism behind it or what to do with it.

Yes, you can put it in a grave to host your own treasure hunt. That's it. I'd like to put an item of value in it and bury it. How else could anyone use it if I'm forced to set a pin on it or give keys to others. This isn't really serving the purpose but isn't that right? If I place it in the earth of specific world, does it really exist on all the worlds or only the one that I placed it in?

What happens to it if it is buried in that place forever for ever? What happens when other people locate it, let alone even know one is buried in a place? Another thing I'm worried about is that osrs firecape service I don't want to begin announcing a treasure hunt. I'm 99% certain that a fraudster will turn this scam into a scam soon or at some time.

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By weiyismart
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