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This is the exact case for Lost Ark Gold that Stone of Power quest. When you've reached the level 50 mark, you can unlock it, it's a Roster quest, meaning it is able to be completed by any player you wish. The XP that it generates will go to getting to the Roster level. It's given by the Legendary Blacksmith in the Serenity Isle.

The two locations you'll need to visit are specified in the description for the quest, the Locate function is unreliable. Here is some help to complete your Stone of Power quest. How to complete this quest? Stone of Power quest

To complete this Roster quest, you'll be required to collect 15 pieces of the Shadowfallen Giant Locarok, stone fragments of Pebbling, and the 4th Claw of Thanatos.To take the pieces along with the stone fragments, it is necessary go to the dungeon in Tortoyk Island, called Tortoyk's Heart. Since you don't have finish it in order to obtain all of the necessary items to complete the challenge, you're able to start a queue and leave whenever you want to make time.

You'll need to go to another dungeon to get the fourth Claw of Thanatos. You must go to the continent of Yudia within the Saland Hill area, and enter the Morai Ruins dungeon. The dungeon will require you to complete this time. It will then be given to the boss that you defeated. Once all of these items have been completed, you'll be in a position to get the rewards you earned and complete the quest from The Quests menu.

Lost Ark, the new massively multiplayer online gaming game from Amazon Games and Smilegate, will officially launch for play in North America and Europe on February. 11, It will be bringing the Korean fantasy hit to an international audience in the very first instance. However, the free-to-play fantasy PC game has already become well-liked with gamers on Steam -- where different Founder's packs that provide extra in-game items and an early-access to the game is dominating the charts for sales -- and Twitch -which has more than a million people are currently streaming others playing Lost Ark to Buy Lost Ark Boosting earn in-game items, or Twitch Drops.

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