I'm an OSRS/Pre-EOC participant & I tried out RS3 from wangrui's blog

"Bloat" has been the term I was looking for OSRS gold when comparing modern, bloated games into the superior games of the past. Thank you. OSRS is the ideal illustration of getting back to basics that are solid, with the inclusion of modern conveniences as you mentioned and cutting bloat. Publish OSRS and bring classic. PVP is straightforward, you struggle, three hits no eating, no running, no teleporting. No more complaints about jogging or safing. Duel anywhere! Is now the duel arena, no more need for going to some shack in the desert. Everybody's an Ironman! Not because you can't trade, it just takes sooooo fucking that you are better off doing it yourself. After the time of trying to stop the multipler you'll understand.

No more OP gear! D Square, Dragon battle axe, and D med are currently BiS. Chainmail is currently relevant because plate bodies eliminate gloves. We want choices, just not that many. Last but not least! Everybody knows robots can not read captchas, botting has become obsolete!Jagex, I'm available whenever you're ready. Nothing will ever compare to playing pre eoc for me. As imbalanced as they were, they attracted sheer joy to me, and I'm glad I was able to experience them all in glory before things died out.

Ideals and attitudes toward RuneScape changed since then though, game balance and longevity is given more focus now, so I'm content with all that remaining just a memory today. Game-wise? OSRS is in a sense better state than pre-eoc and it's not even near. There's much more great content and the content is balanced for the most part. Things are really implemented by the JMods the players want and listen to feedback. Is that the sheer amount of quests that came out. Community-wise? Pre-eoc was better. People always talk about stealing soul wars, creation and all sorts with. Unless they put any rewards that are overpowered in if they put those things into OSRS, then they'd be ghost towns.

I'm an OSRS/Pre-EOC participant & I tried out RS3, the main issue I had was that it's extremely overwhelming, it does give you (kind of) a starting point using a listing of quests to start with, but it took me a while to even notice that because I had been bombarded with performing this occasion, that event, yak monitor, Christmas, open chests, goblin army is invading, opening a browser window to inform me how some kinda thing came to RuneScape which means literally nothing like me personally as a (new RS3 Player). If you are new to RuneScape, there's only SO MANY things to do all at once that nobody will get time to do, even for a no-life neckbeard. It makes you want to stop immediately.

I started last 6, playing with RS3. If I hadn't of watched 50 youtube videos explaining everything in detail over the last 8 months I'd have quit. Therefore many prospective players must have stopped because of this. RS3 is the only one that feels unplayable, although I've used Wikis for several games before. Yeah, I have been playing for 16 decades and the wiki is never closed on my second screen. It's a vital part of RuneScape which is different than a lot of games. You shouldn't, although you can play without it. Little known fact, if you sort /wiki"search phrase" without the quotes it'll look that up on the wiki. If I typed in"/wiki burnt lobster" in game buy rs3 gold will pull up the corresponding wiki page in my default browser.

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By wangrui
Added Jul 26 '20



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