Ok. I earn around 300k per week. I'd like to know from weiyismart's blog

It's true that there is a lot of xp due to the fact that dung is slow when you are at levels below 70. Plus, powermining is much faster, that's the reason i said he stands no chance of winning if mining at a level of RS gold power. 70 is less than 1 million exp. You require 13 million exp to achieve 99. The initial 1m (even all the way to 6m tbh) does not make one cent, and at 80, the miner has reached the maximum exp rate, which is less than 100k per hour.

The more the dunger increases his levels, the faster he gets and faster. At around level 70 He already beats the miners' top speed(provided that he is able to form a strong team) I don't understand why people don't realize the fact that this is a single horse race. The winner should choose one that is slow to ensure fairness.

In all fairness We picked these talents since we both love doing these things. To clarify things, we're both members, and my brother doesn't own an axe for dragons. A dragon pick to mine is like a great team to dung. If you don't have it, it's feasible, but it's far more difficult. The only way to lose is if you go solo and the opponent gets a d pick.

I discovered that Maples cost dropped, and also flax/bow strings. However, as Pking was released Maples are in high demanded for the F2P. My friend suggested I make them, and I made them. In essence, I believe that fletching is the simplest and the fastest. It could earn you $100k an hour sitting here to write and then click back about 15 seconds.

So I have 70 today since flinching maple longs is more efficient than alching and earns more money in the process. Therefore, I'd want to know, before I complete my final set of maples: how much do Yew longs earn an hour? I'm sure it earns more money , but they might be able to purchase more slowly.

Mining Rune is the most profitable method of earning money in F2P , however a high mining level is needed (85) Adamant and Mithril are good but they are slow, so the best choice is likely choose Coal or Iron. There's not anything to talk about with regard to Woodcutting since Yews are the only trees that are worth cutting to earn money , but unfortunately the majority (if but not every) Yews are overrun with bots. Fishing Lobsters isn't really great cash anymore, but it's still decent and Swordfish are superior, but they're slow (and you can get plenty of Tuna). For Runecrafting, you must be at least 50 to participate in the minigame GOP . When you win , you will receive tokens that you can use to purchase Water talismans.

Ok. I earn around 300k per week. I'd like to know which method would bring me money at the lowest amount. Which one will start me making money faster. I am aware that mining rune is the cheap OSRS gold most efficient, but it is long-term. I'm looking for short-term.

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By weiyismart
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