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In Path of Exile, there are many currencies and different farming methods. When exchanging divination cards and azurite, we will obtain them from enemies and chests as loot. Besides, we can exchange Path of Exile Currency for other currencies and items at dealers and players. In this guide, we explain how to obtain each Poe currency and how to grow them most effectively.

Flip Items

Any player familiar with trading can potentially make thousands of Chaos Orbs in currency by flipping items. This can work in a variety of ways, but the most common tactic is to purchase items that are undervalued and sell them for a higher asking price. Flipping items can also include completing Prophecies that grant higher-value items or purchasing key fragments to run endgame bosses that drop items infinitely more valuable. This tip is mainly dependent on current league trends, so keep an eye out for any strange economy patterns that can be exploited.

Earn Poe currency through games

This is the easiest way to make currency. In Path of Exile, currency items can fall from monsters or boxes. so when we play the game for a long time, we can get a lot of currency items.

Through trading, we can exchange these items into a large amount of poe currency, and we can trade on poe.trade, Eznpc and other websites.


One thing that all new and old Path of Exile players alike will have noticed is the sheer abundance of PoE items that you can end up collecting when making your way through the game. With that in mind, you should be as mindful as possible when it comes to what items you are picking up. The best method is to make sure that you are collecting those that are relevant to your build, and you should sell those that you won’t need. Those that you aren’t using can be sold using vendor recipes, and you should make sure that you do the same with armour.

You may come across an item that you will be able to turn into a better item with crafting. If that’s the case, then try using the Armourer’s Scraps, since you can get a higher quality depending on the rarity. Then, of course, you have the PoE Orb of Transmutation to make it into a magic item, and can then modify it with the Orbs of Alteration.

If you do choose to take this method, then make sure that you focus on upgrading weapons and your armour. If you are wanting to improve your defense and your attack output, then this is the obvious path to take. Now that you have a method of making rare PoE items, you don’t need to worry too much about farming rarities when making your way through the game. It can be a tedious method at times, not to mention time-consuming. But it is definitely worth sticking with, especially until you start looking into PoE Unique items.

Boss farming/service

Farming by the boss is an excellent way to make money. If you want to do boss farming or even boss service, you need to understand the best way to kill the boss, because these monsters will become more difficult. You will want to spawn Sirus as soon as possible and then have the opportunity to obtain the Savior Sword. You can also replace Uber Elder with Watcher's Eye jewelry to make more profits. I think Uber Elder's water drops are better than Sirus. However, these bosses have some equipment and construction requirements, so you need to ensure that your construction can defeat those bosses.

Finally, trading is very common in POE, and for some exiles who are good at computing, this is indeed an option to choose. Check out which gem is the most expensive, and put three of them into the secondary weapon, level it up and sell to other players, which could make some benefits for you. Sometimes, you could get even 15 Exalted Orbs for only one leveled POE skill gem, in a word, level up the gem to increase its quality by using gemcutter prism Cheap PoE Currency to sell. If you don’t want to waste too much time, you can choose a reliable store, https://www.igvault.com/POE-Currency is a reliable Cheap PoE Currency store, cheap prices and fast delivery.

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